Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sunday Round up

Its been a bitty busy day today and I have not got on as well as I hoped but there we are  that is how the cookie crumbles. I have had washing, drying and ironing to do in-between everything else.  I have also cooked dinner I have the pears in sugar ready for completion tomorrow evening into pear conserve.

I also have another five jars of  Apple chutney to add to the larder.  As I said earlier I used the Apple chutney recipe again. However this time I did not have cooking apples but I did have some eating apples that needed using up. No white onion only red and not brown soft sugar so I use what I had which is white.  Does not taste too bad probably a tad sweeter than the other one but should be okay with cheese and cold meats and my home made Christmas Festive Pie or Pork Pie

When we went to the Cash n Carry earlier we bought a tray of stewing steak and two of mince.   I have also split the mince trays in half so I have four bags of mince and I have kept all the stewing steak together as I tend to make one big stew which we have over a couple of days. They are now in the freezer ready to use. 

I have some more red cabbage to do this week and also some more piccalilli.  Someone has eaten the lot!  He who shall remain nameless.

Right have to get some things together for tomorrow.

Catch you soon.




  1. Hi Patty, you always manage to pack so much into a weekend! Can wait to hear about your festive pie, I love pies.

    I made some baklava yesterday for my husband did a bit of Christmas shopping, got the decorations out of the loft and made dinner and that was it and I was shattered.

    I love reading your weekend posts they always inspire me to get on and have a go.

    Love fluffy

  2. Hi Fluffy

    My hobbies are cooking, crafts (all sorts), sewing, preserving, making wine and beer, etc. etc. so I chill and relax when I do these sorts of things. Because I work full time in quite an intensive job I make time to play otherwise it is just constant work and you have to have some playtime. Usually something else gets left as result but we all need down time; I love baklava never made it but absolutely love it. Hope yours was tasty. Christmas decorations have to be found I know where some of them are but its getting to them. I am glad you like the posts. Sometimes I am not sure whether my eclectic take on things is the right way to go about things but I have a go and I write from the heart. It gets dangerous when I go into "Squirrel" mode popping up stuff left right and centre. Hopefully will get sorted out a bit more come the New Year. I intend to do things for next Christmas through the year. Hope you are keeping well sweetheart. Take care Pattypanxxx


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