Thursday, 19 November 2015

Thursday Evening Roundup

Boy has it been cold today and I am so pleased I decided it was stew tonight for tea.  It has gone down a treat and has warmed us up from the inside out. I always reckon stew tastes good after it has been allowed to cool down and stand and then warmed through again.  I think it allows time for the all the flavours to blend. I served it with big hunks of fresh home made bread to mop up the gravy which is always the best part of the stew.  All that goodness from the meat and from the veggies should never ever be wasted now that would be sacrilege.  OH tucked in and there is hardly any left.  With working full time I have found that having a slow cooker or two on the go during the winter months helps us have good filling meals reasonably quickly without having to put the oven on. Chilli, stews, casseroles, steamed puddings, keeping soup warm keeping sausages warm with onions until you are ready to eat them if there is a crowd of you, served with mash and gravy and perhaps some mushy peas.  All good home cooking which keeps the heart and soul together. Its ideal if different members of the family come in at different times.  But it also helps keep the fuel bills down as well.  When its cold you just need good hearty food.  Especially if you are planning on going out somewhere for the day and you walk in to a lovely hot meal prepared before you went out

OH took Missy to Newmarket today for a check up.  They have said that she can loose the lampshade next Wednesday  but otherwise are quite pleased with her.  She has to take things steady and there are a couple of further check ups but they were pleased with her.  Missy was not happy to be back   - she kept her eyes on OH - and was okay with them but she climbed up into his arms when they put her on the table there was not way she was going to be left there this time thank you very much.

My knitting is very slowly growing and I am doing the odd hour here and there and it is starting to grow.

I have inherited all my mum's knitting machine equipment as well.  I am interested in having a go at it.  There are three different machines the most expensive of which has all sorts of attachments including a lace carriage.  There is stacks of wool in the attic to accommodate somehow as well.  Will have to see what we can do.

We have fish and chips tomorrow night with mushy peas  - home prepared of course and equally as quick to cook.  Friday night has nearly always been fish night in our family.

Right am off to get myself a cup of tea.

Catch you soon




  1. I love slow cooker meals, a lot less washing up too, look forward to you getting the knitting machine on the go, I have a standard machine with lace carridge and ribber bed, and my other one is for chunky :-)

  2. Good luck with the knitting machines. I am sure there are tutorials on Youtube if you get stuck with them.

    I love my slow cooker too - nothing worse than having to hover over a meal cooking, it's great just to pop in the ingredients and walk away!

    I'm trying to get eldest daughter organized enough to put a meal on in her slow cooker before she leaves for work but she tells me she doesn't have the time for the prep (um, night before, Tam?)

  3. Hi Dawn and BB

    Slowcookers are a godsend if you have loads to do saves on time all the way round. BB I use the slowcooker a lot during the week but you do have to prepare the night ahead - you soon get into a routine with it. With the weather as cold as it is today you need food that will stick to the insides and keep you warm and if you are tired when you get in the last thing you want to be doing is faffing around with something but getting into a routine with it really does help. I have four of differing sizes. One very titchy one for my mulled wine or spiced cider, one medium one for him and me and supersized one for entertaining and one that I have from my mum's also medium sized so I can get a pudding on as well. Cheaper than popping on the cooker.

    Dawn I believe there is my mother's fist knitting machine a Knitmaster, I think there is a chunky one and then there is the all signing all dancing one with the lace carriage and ribber beds and umpteen other bits and bobs. I do not know how to use the fancy ones but want to give it a go as mum used to do some beatuficul knitwear with it. I have today bought a load of her pattern books back the rest of the machines are in the loft with their tables. So I might scream at some point for help. Knitting and machine knitting was my mum's main hobby for many many years. I do hope you ladies are keeping well in this perishing weather and glad you had a lovely meet up the other day. Take care. Pattypn x


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