Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas shopping has started

Tonight I started my Christmas shopping and stayed in town straight from work.  Thle shops closed at 8 pm.  I was starving by the time we hot in and not in the mood to cook so we had a treat a chinese.  went down very well. Here are a couple of photographs of the Christmas decorations around town in the Old Market Square anf in the Queensgate.  They look cheerful but I am quite taken with Santas Grotto. very spectacular.  Still doing from my phone.

So its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  catch u soon.

Pattypan x


  1. Gosh, you leave present shopping later than me! I try and buy earlier in the year if I see something that is just perfect (got a lovely antique Paisley bowl for Tam back in May). I may need to get one more thing, having done a present count, but apart from that, all sorted.

    1. hi bb not by choice normally have it all done and dusted apart from food shopping. we had a particularly bad month where we had a £600 bill for car and £350 excess bill for missys eye which wiped us out hence the reason i am starting in january for christmas next year give me time to save and time to make. hppe u keepinv well xx


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