Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year's Eve

It is New Year's Eve and we are going into the last few hours of 2015.  A bittersweet year from my perspective but life goes on.  There are new pages to be written new experiences to be had new things to do. New friends to be made new places to go a whole rich tapestry waiting for us in the wings.  Change -  the word that a lot of people do not like.  But we have to embrace change its the only way we grow so that we do not stagnate.  In other words its healthy.  We might resist it because it is happening and sometimes that change happens irrespective of circumstances or us wanting to change.  But change it happens for a reason.

There have been many positive things too; I have lost some weight which impacts so badly on my movement and my joints.  Not sure why I have lost it but I tend to be flying around a lot more than I used to. I do a lot of walking and I use an app on my phone to measure how many steps I do in a day and for the best part I do well over 6000 steps a day.  That's without the phone being on me all the time.   Sometimes  forget to take it with me.  So that may be the reason i.e. am on the go a lot more but I am glad its gone/going as it really does impact quite badly on my movement and my joints.  It is especially important as I have been told that I have restricted movement in  my hips and that arthritis is quite badly affecting them.

I have a bad habit of prevaricating about things and not really dealing with issues; a lot of the time because I am not really sure how to deal with things as it is areas where I have no experience.  As a result it is often a deep learning curve resulting in no confidence in myself because quite literally I feel that the rug has been taken out from underneath my feet.  Yet when I get things in perspective and sorted out in my own mind I can get through and deal with things quite swiftly.  But I need the time to get things straight and I do not always get the luxury of time.  My Father when he was with us was my sounding board and we used to clear off to the pub once a month and put things into perspective.

I am lucky that I was let out early from work today.  We were let loose at 12 noon.  I promptly cleared off to an impromptu lunch with two of my work friends and we had a very lovely dinner and a two hour chat in Fratelli Tavolacalda in the Rivergate Centre in Peterborough near Asda.  We all had different types of pizza It is the best pizza I have had in a long time.  It was really light and crispy and oh so tasty.  I really do rate and recommend them and it is not over-expensive.  It was nice to catch up on a personal level we are all ladies of similar age.  Pure mischief.

I then popped into town and bought myself a new pair of navy trousers and a lovely new navy cowl neck fluffy jumper.  I had also found a pair of fine baby needle cord navy trousers as well in M & S but they would not sell them to me as apparently there was a product recall.  I was a bit annoyed as I really did like the trousers will have to keep my eye open to see if they come back in.  I was a size smaller in trouser size than the last time I purchased any.

Remember on a previous post I mentioned I had bought a couple of pine cone garlands which were bright red.  I went by John Lewis today and they had some more of the same garland this time reduced to £3.75.  So another two joined the two already purchased.  They are for next year.

I am hoping to really get a wriggle on for Christmas next year.  There are a couple of chutneys that I intend to make in January in readiness for next Christmas and various other bits and bobs for use during the year and also for the Christmas Putdown.  I want to be able to have everything organised and sorted well in advance so that I can enjoy the messing about and the decorating beforehand.

Right it only remains for me to wish every single one of you a really Happy New Year.

I usually see New Year in on my own as OH does not usually stay up.

Cheers, Bottoms up and see you on the other side.




  1. Happy New Year to you, Pattypan !! xo

  2. It is definitely the season of goodwill as I was allowed to leave work at 4pm instead of 5.30pm. Lucky us! All the best for 2016.

  3. Thank you Faye and to you and your nearest and dearest. Hope its a good year.

    take care



  4. Yes lucky us1 I normally have to work until 5:30pm today. Wishing you and your nearest and dearest a lovely year. Pattypan



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