Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Update

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 Photos of the cake I made for my brother and what was left!

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I hope that everyone is having a smashing Christmas.  We have had a nice peaceful time with good food. It has been my first Christmas without mum and I know my brother has felt it and I have also.  One of the good things about all that has happened if you can say that at all is that my brother and I are a lot closer as  a result although its blooming awful that we have had to lose mum in the process.  We as a family at Christmas whether at my grandparents or at home always at Christmas Dinner raised a toast to our absent loved ones; after all if we remember our loved ones they are never quite forgotten and are forever in our hearts its just that we cannot reach out and give them a physical hug. Its the hugs that were always important.

I also lost my mobile phone.  I could hear it ringing but could I heck as find it.  I eventually found it down the back of the settee. I had several phone calls and messages to get back to.   At the time of locating the phone I was watching Dr Who.  My brother had rung a couple of times and I thought I dare not ring in the middle of Doctor Who as they are avid fans and I would never have heard the last of it.  So I waited and then phoned back just after. I believe that my brother is starting to work out that I am slightly dotty and that things just happen as a matter of course. My baby brother had checked up on me to see whether I was online when he could not get me on the phone and he is taking photos of the cake so that I have a record of the same.  They also enjoyed the home made Christmas pudding.  That was not without event either.  I had bought a single bottle of Guinness X to use in the Christmas pudding.  Someone however got to it before me and I ended up having to use cider and Rum instead.

We have only had two casulaties and that has been the Pork Pie.  It had become frozen in the fridge and so OH cut it into wedges left a cloth over it to defrost and by time he remembered.  They had helped themselves to to cut part little horrors.  I was not chuffed to say the least; and

The microwave blew up whilst I was making the bread sauce!  Talk about hubble bubble toil n trouble sparks flew it set fire to the inside of the microwave and then went bang.  Fortunately I have my mum's one to replace my original one which I have had about 25 years.  Now I have to fathom out how to use the new one.  Its a combination oven.

But dinner went down very well and there are lots of leftovers.  Those that I cannot use straight away will either turn into bubble and squeak cakes for the freezer, festive parcels, curry or soup.  I do not like wasting food so better stored in the freezer for another day when we can make full use of it.

I have been very lucky with presents.  I have my Sissix Big Shot Die Cutting Machine and Embosser A4 size and I have had a Play this afternoon where I have created some deocorative embossed papers and a little tiny gift box.   This is definitely going to be a  big help in my mission for a home made Christmas for 2016 and will be useful with the patchwork.  I am hoping to go to Colemans Craft Store in Rushden to have a good look around. I have been once before and have picked up all sorts of stuff for crafting.  They used to have a small craft base in Peterborough which I used to use quite frequently but they have now taken that away. It is just the stationary now.  But the main Craftwarehouse is something else.  Even has a tv room for husband's/spouses/partners who are not quite into the crafting bit.

Its been blowing a hooley here most of the day and we seem to have had constant drizzle.  At least now I can relax and get some crafting done.

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying time with your loved ones.

Catch up soon




  1. Colemans in Rushden is a fab place, gosh that brought back a wave of memories, I used to demonstrate there alongside some of the top TV crafters, it was there I launched a product of my own that I designed, and it was the way there warehouse was set up and run that I based my shop on, a lovely family run business :-)

  2. Hi Dawn I have only been the once with one of my friends Margaret who is a big paper crafter and who is responsible for me crafting to this day. I was very taken with it then. As i cannot drive I have to rely on OH to take me. He has agreed to take me and I hope it will become a regular occurrence. Small world


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