Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Hello I am still alive - honest

Well that's the kitchen and Pantry well and truly bottomed out  and scrubbed within an inch of its life - and its official my Pantry just is not big enough;  I have a very large plastic box full of stuff as well and I suspect that is not the end of it but at least I am well and truly stocked up only buying of essentials over the next few months to save up so that I can then do a big meat shop for the freezer.  It will be mainly the veggies and the fresh fruit that I will have to buy.  The tinned and dry store goods are certainly full.  I have some jam to do and also some marmalade - I have not checked to see if they have the Sevilles over at the veg shop yet but as soon as I see them I shall buy as I have the Vin de Orange to make as well.  So far four bottles of Cotes de Rhone purchased with plans for a white and a rose version also.

I must do something about the fridge situation though but it is going to be a game of tactics and shuffle to get things how I want them.  I need a new shed for the bottom of the garden or sheds and the plan has always been to relocate the freezers into said shed out of the dining room once shed or sheds were acquired.  If and when that happens this will free up room in the dining room I can get that decorated and then get the fridge in the dining room.  As I say it is very much a game of save and shuffle but that is the plan at the moment its the only way I Can see of doing it.  Then perhaps the fridge in the pantry can go into use as a cheese/charcuterie fridge.  We will have to wait and see what happens but that is the plan as it stands at the moment.  That would then mean I can relocate the CD Chest back under the shelf dresser.

I am having a wee break whilst waiting for my tea to cook.  We are having toad in the hole carrots, flowering broccoli (purple) and mashed potato with onion gravy.  I am hungry and very much looking forward to it and then we are or should I say I am having a sticky toffee pudding with custard.  This one I have bought and if I like it well enough I shall make some up and pop into the freezer so that I can have some if I fancy it.  OH is diabetic and so there is always fresh fruit or some other option available to him.  I am careful to make sure he does not miss out.

Next is the bathroom and then the dining room.

I have made enquiries about getting the garden cleared and am waiting for a quote that will help an awful lot.  Lot of work to do over the next few months.

Weather gone very cold and windy nearly knocks you over if you pop out - have had to turn the heating down as I was getting too warm

Right must go check on tea.

Catch you later on.



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