Friday, 8 January 2016

Home Made Bread Prover

Quite a while ago I posted about making your own proving box; to be exact a out three years ago.  And I still I have a problem when it comes to bread baking in this house as my tiny kitchen unless  I have the cooker on full blast is too cold and I mean freezing cold.  When it comes to proving bread because it is not warm enough the bread tends to be far too dense not enough rise on it.  I should be able in due course be able to use my Dehydrator for this purpose; but I got to thinking what if I was doing something else in the Dehydrator that took up all the shelves I would need to have an alternative way of proving the bread and after all bread is a staple in many homes across the country not just mine.

So I am going to cobble together my own.  Will let you know how I go on but Here are some links that may be useful in researching how to make your own Proofing Box.

This is the one I am most interested.  Go to the post from Tino further down the page utilising the large plastic box

So I have ordered the heat pad that is due to arrive today.  Now I just need to get the plastic box sorted.  I think there may be another trip to Wilkinsons in the offing.

I love the below item a lot of thought has gone into it.  Its just far too much money.

Catch you soon


I had looked at one of these and I think it is lovely but I could not get my head around the price.  Lakeland had them for a while but sometimes you  have far too many things to achieve and not enough money.

Brød and Taylor:


  1. I used to have that problem before we moved, just when rising was taking place some-one would come in and leave the door open kept threatening to put a big spring on the door, now we have the rayburn the bottom warming oven is perfect for the bread and no cold draughts, will be interested to see how you get on.

  2. Keith used to have a square wooden base (no bottom) with a light fitting for a bulb attached to it for beer making. This was plugged in and he would put his beer container on the top and it would keep it at the right temperature to encourage the yeast to work. Wonder if something like that would help?

  3. Hi Dawn

    My kitchen gets very cold especially if the wind is in the wrong direction. I would love a Rayburn - my Nan had one for over 60 years and they are a way of life unfortunately I do not have that luxury but its on the wish list if I ever get my own home. So I am having to try and resolve the problem from a different angle. I do not even have the luxury of an airing cupboard anymore and the fridge I have ices up and freezes so that would not do the dough any good. I will keep you appraised of what I get up to with it. I have yet to get hold of a plastic box - be another Wilkinsons trip I guess. Where we went today did not have any.

    Hi BB

    I think what you are describing is very similar to a light box which can also be used for making jerky etc. except as you say it is not enclosed. That's a very good idea though for me for the wine and beer - might get OH to rig something up along those lines. Thank you for that.

    Take care ladies and thank you for the feedback




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