Sunday, 24 January 2016

On the subject of Cheese

...This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but I am hindered as I do not have room for the fridge I would like or everyday use let alone a cave fridge or two - for cheese making and charcuterie which are about the same size.

But never mind.  I do so oh want to play with the bigger things and somewehere along the line something will present itself so I can and will be able to.  Having said that in a previous post its about making the most of what you do have and celebrating and using that fact to its full potential. 

After all doing a little bit is better than doing none of it and I have a dream - may not get there maybe will but at least I am having a go.  Sometimes you are certain and sure what you are aiming for but have no idea how to get there apart from following the road to see where it takes you to.  I am one of those people but somehow I am sure I will find my way eventually.  It is not the destination that is the life changing event its the journey that takes you to it where you learn the most.

I use Pinterest quite a lot for sourcing articles on different things and then going back to them when I have time to read up and then to have a little play.  There is a link on the sidebar but I am under there as "Tricia Ellingford".  I already have lots of links with recipes and articles for a "Charcuterie" or "Cheese Safe" store there

I have some essential kit obtained from Lakeland and a little book about soft cheeses also from Lakeland and a couple of different moulds which I intend to add to.  I have plans for a cheese press which were in the Home Farmer magazine last year which I am hoping OH will put together for me.  However what has set me off again is reading a post from Vera's "Snippets from Labatere" blog and seeing her cheese cave. 

Now that really is impressive.

I have also been trawling through Pinterest and there are lots of posts about making different cheeses but the one that interested me the most was this one all about Medieval cheese making.  You do not have to use rennet to curdle the milk, you can use vinegar and also plant extracts or fruit extracts.  That to me is a much more sustainable way of doing things as you are not forking out for this and that all the time.  From what I understand Yarg, the nettle covered Cornish cheese is prepared using nettle juice/tea to make the milk split between curds and whey (the curd being the solid and the whey being the milky liquid left over).

There are two links: 

 Which is the one I am interested in but there is a second link where there is an article about the Medieval Cheesemaker and a blog of like minded women all about cheese

A supportive blog of like minded women who all make cheese. Full details of how to as well.

I have also succumbed and bought the Paul Peacock book of how to make cheese which I saw on Amazon which I understand is winging its way to me so that will be another book to have a look at and play with.  I tend to gather things together as I can afford them and then when I have everything I need I start experimenting.

At the rate I am going I shall end up with a fermenting shelf before long.  I quite like Kefir milk and am chewing over the idea of getting hold of some of the grains to actually produce my own.  I have been lucky in that the new Polish shop round the corner stocks it but not every one does.  Kefir is meant to be extremely good for you.

As I am at home this week I intend to start the sourdough off again and maybe a ginger beer plant.  They are simple to do but it is remembering to maintain them very day.

Right catch you later.



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