Wednesday, 13 January 2016

This n that

Its been a long day today not helped by the fact that I twisted my ankle on the way to work this morning and managed to split my shoe.  I therefore had to make an emergency stop to buy a new pair of flat shoes as I cannot go around scruffy at work.  I also bought myself a pair of fur lined ankle boots.  With the threat of all the weather to come and temperatures being quite cold I thought I would not take any chances as my tootsies get cold as it is.  They are quite a nice size as my trousers will cover the ankle part of the boot but my feet will keep nice and warm.  I had a lovely pair of thermal gloves bright purple and I managed to lose one of them yesterday which I was quite annoyed about as they kept my hands nice and snug.  So I ended up having to buy some cheapies in town to slip on my hands as I was perished.

I then went up to Wilkinsons and got myself a plastic box which I think is ideal to be turned into my bread prover.  If I am not satisfied when I get it together I always have the option of going to get another box.  I quite frequently make the dough in the bread machine but wanted somewhere nice and cosy for my bread to rise in the bowl or in the tins with a bowl of water and my electric heating pad.  I also wanted somewhere safe where the cats could not interfere as they are quite a nosey bunch and what starts off as mere curiosity ends up in disaster somewhere down the line as they cannot leave things alone. My efforts with my prover will hopefully get dealt with on Saturday as tomorrow night is tidy night and I also want to do a dummy run with a batch of bread.
Friday I am out at the works do (our Christmas do) so feasibly it will be Saturday before I can get OH involved I am a bit cack handed at the best of times.  Saturday I am hoping for a lay in but I have loads to do over the weekend as per usual.

Missy and her Dad are fast asleep curled around one another at the moment so it is nice and peaceful.  She has had a bath as she was getting a bit "pongy" but she is all nice and clean now.  Fortunately she doesn't often fight to get out of the bath just plans her revenge by shaking all over.

I have also done some Family Tree work tonight and one particular branch of the family I have been having severe problems with i.e. my Great Aunt's family on my Nan's side.  My Great Aunt was known as Kit all her life, but her actual name is Clara.  The same as her second husband was always known as Pat.  In actual fact his real name is Samuel James.  I have also managed to track down the Probate details of my Great Aunt's estate as well.  I was only five months old when she passed.  I have also found two of her children from her first marriage but Uncle Billy I haven't been able to track down yet (do you think there may be a theme building here  - ostensibly I have been looking for William but on his parent's tracking I could well and truly be out).  It will turn up.  So I am highly chuffed about that as I have been looking for this for some time.  Its funny how you meet people once or twice when you are little and then do not see them again and it turns out they are family to me which I had not realised before.  This has happened with several second cousins.  My brother did not even meet them and my memories are vague.  I think I can provide quite a few photographs for the names.  Some of the Great Aunts and also Uncles (my Grandad's birth family I never did meet) so when photos turn up its nice to put a face to a name.

I am hoping to play with the Big Shot this weekend as well.

I have had a very nice tea this evening.  OH set too and made a huge cottage pie which went down very well.  There is quite a bit left so he is taking it into work with him tomorrow for his lunch and also for my step-son.  I am not sure what we are having tomorrow there are some Pork chops and stewing meat in there.  I would rather have the chops as I quite fancy  stew but OH has been known to eat a slow cooker full over a couple of meals and I have ended up missing out so I think that will be for Saturday night tea.

Its been a bitterly cold day here in Peterborough but oh it was lovely to see the sun.  Makes you feel as if everything is alright with the world when you see a bit of sunshine.

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you soon.


p.s.  the box is perfect the heat pad is just the right size.  x

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  1. Hi Patty, pleased the box was the right size look forward to hearing how your "dummy run", goes tonight. With the weather being so cold,(sleeting here this morning) it makes me want to make my own bread, but I would need somewhere warm for it to rise! Fluffy


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