Saturday, 27 February 2016

All Set for the Rugby then and other bits and bobs

At the crack of dawn the TV Aeriel fitter arrived and I think we are in the bad books with the next door neighbour as a result as there was quite a bit of drilling and clambering about going on.  In fairness he arrived at 8:00am but at the weekend it always seems so much earlier than it actually is.  Probably because I don't have to get up but am always alert just before 6:00am if not actually out of bed.

But that is OH all happy he is now able to watch the Rugby, we have had Freeview and Freesat put in as well and now have a whole host of other channels to explore as well.  So if I am missing from the blog - its possible I may be watching something on the TV - however in recent months I have actually not been watching that much. I have been trying to make use of my time in a better fashion and if I have watched TV I have had a catch up session all in one go - it is more time efficient - especially with me working full time.

I even crashed during the week going to bed for what for me is early i.e. 10:00pm an sleeping right through until just before 6:00am.  So I think I am going to have to do what I can when I can with a little bit more moderation with everything; will probably be kinder on my energy levels in the long run.  I now have to try and start to look after myself a little - although I do not find this easy as I tend to look after everyone else.

Can you feel the sap starting to rise and can you see a difference in the light at night now. Its at this time of year I want to be down in Cornwall to see everything coming awake and enjoy the change in the seasons. I do so love it down there. I would move down there if I could but to do something like that you have to be sensible and put things in place a bit at a time.  I like having challenges and having goals to work to when there is nothing much going on I feel in limbo a bit.  I think that is perhaps why I am always on the go doing a bit of this and a bit of that. 

I also want my bees.  I will not feasibly be able to have them here - the next door neighbour is in his late seventies and he and his wife are phobic about insects of any description.  He also has severe angina and she is crippled with Arthritis and I don't really want to finish him or her off despite him being a miserable so and so.  I think he would die of shock if he saw the bees coming back in a trail dive bombing through his garden to get to mine.  He is also the complaining type and as we rent - it really is just not worth the hassle; but if I ever get my own home it is something that I will set up as a priority The garden will need attention before any house and where possible I am keen to do things as naturally as I can.  A house can be done a bit of a time a garden needs to be in production to fee the bees who then as they feed pollinate the plants to provide us with food.  Simples

We all need the bees to pollinate the crops to provide the food we eat.  We should therefore all be making a more concerted effort to plant bee friendly plants that the bees can feed on throughout the year rather than just providing a boost of pollen with the flowering plants earlier in the year all in one fair swoop. If you want to research what plants to provide please check out the following site (the British Beekeepers Association.

Bees very much fit in with my ethos as the honey they produce is good for healing, the honey is a natural sugar and food for us.  It is a natural antibiotic and if you smear some honey on a clean plaster then apply to the wound it will clean out any muck within that wound and help the tissue knit together with minimal healing.  Honey never goes off it crystallises but can be bought back by popping in a pan of water and healing gently.

It's at this time of year that there is so much to do outside.  In the winter months I tend to hibernate more and do things inside whereas with Spring I focus more on growing things and going out and about more.

Yesterday I bought a couple of roots of Horseradish to plant down at the bottom of the garden and two more Rhubarb plants - this time Red Canadian (so that is four Rhubarb plants) I have another variety to get Victoria -  another two plants will probably get them during the week. I intend to have a big Rhubarb patch and may get an additional plant of each.  I can always use Rhubarb up in jams, chutney and bottling as well as in puddings and putting some down in the freezer. I also have my eye on some Asparagus crowns to plant a bed of as I like Asparagus although I know that this will take a couple of years to get established.

I have also bought Bright Lights Chard seeds, Green Globe Artichoke seeds, and  Gold Rush yellow courgette seeds.  I love yellow courgettes and love eating them raw in salads.  I need to get hold of some different sprouting seeds as well as I have a couple of sprout growing stacks which I have had for sometime and want to get these going as I quite like these as well. 

As ever I bought the seeds from Wilkinsons and as I was in a hurry yesterday and really did not have time to have a proper look I intend to pop back during the week.  I am looking to source some more seeds and probably get some more roots to plant up. Thought I might have a go at growing some ginger as well.  I use a lot of fresh ginger in teas and in winemaking and cooking generally. I also need to source fresh herbs for planting to get the herb border up and running.  I may well pop into Waitrose to see what herb plants they have.  This is usually where I get my chives and some of the other herbs from to plant my herb border up.  The plants have always been sturdy and of good quality a decent size and a good price.

Well that brings us in the round back to the Rugby.  The programme has just started OH is happy although he his back is playing up so he has the afternoon to rest.  I have the washing machine on full blast dealing with the bedding.  The sun is out its cheery and it is promising oh so much.

Tomorrow we have a few visits to the tip as the front garden needs sorting out again and I want to get rid of as much rubbish as I can for this trip.  Right must get a wriggle on.  Catch you later.



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