Sunday, 21 February 2016

Quick Pop In

The title sounds a bit like a royal fly by.  However its only little old me!

Today's quiet day has continued into the evening apart from the fact that I am now knee deep in washing and ironing in order that we both have clean clothes for the week. A necessary evil; both of us work in offices so its at least one change of clothes a day.  When I get in of an evening I usually change into what I call the housework clothes; clothes that it does not matter if you get in a mess with or spill bleach on etc.  That way I keep my good clothes for best.

I am very interested in recycling fabric where I can particularly old tray cloths, tablecloths, lace mats, knapkins etc. and some of the finishes and articles I have seen made by very talented ladies have been superb.  So much so I have for the best part of a year been collecting said items as and when I can and they are all in a box waiting for a few more items to join them before I start playing.  Today on my Pinterest board I have found ideas for lampshades, cushion/pillow covers, curtains, patchwork embroidered bed covers.   Indeed a lot of food for thought. 

I have also for some years been collecting linen chair back covers with the intention of using waste canvas to embroider over the fabric with small motifs and I intend to re-use the lace that is attached to those as well.   I have some very lovely  cross stitch and needlepoint books by Jane Innes and Melinda Coss with some lovely floral designs in.  In case you had not guessed I really love flowers and I had thought that I would work some of the smaller items on to the linen chair back covers and then use them cut into patchwork sized squares and then use floral fabric in alternate patches in a quilt together with some Trapunto quilted squares worked on calico.

I also have a jeans proddy mat on the go which is one of the UFOs I need to get out of the way but I have a suspicion I will not be able to get on to this until the winter months again.  I need to get the UFOs completed so that it clears some space and then hopefully I will be able to get a bit more organised and find everything.  I need to pull myself up by my braces and get stuck in.  I am hoping to do a little of that this week.  That is what I intend to do but whether real life will let me get to it well that is another matter all together.  Lets hope so.  I need to focus on lots of things.

I have also received my physiotherapy appointment through, so that was quick.  They texted me on Friday to let me know and I got the appointment letter on Saturday morning.  Very quick, but I have to get my feet working properly for the sake of my back.


Right I had better get a wriggle on.  All OHs clothes are ready for the week, just have to get mine sorted.

Catch you during the week.




  1. You're like me, so many plans, so little time! At least you got the ironing done and I hope you can reward yourself with some of that very special crafting soon.

  2. I a hoping so too. Trouble with me is that I can see the potential in anything and end up with too many ideas that do not always transpire. I have started writing things down because by the time I do get to things I have forgotten what I wanted them for. I keep a cheap notebook in my handbag with a "wish list" and an "achieved list" in. Also includes little recipes that I come across especially the older ones. Hopefully I will get to play seriously soon. Take care.




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