Saturday, 6 February 2016

Seville Oranges

You know I said earlier that I was itching to get on with things ......well it went like this.  Ostensibly I went to the veg shop to top up on veggies and they just happened to have Seville Oranges in.  She said that they had only been able to get the one box thus far; and that their Agent had indicated that the Sevilles were coming to the end as they had been out for a couple of months or so from before Christmas.  They had not seen them and neither had I.  So I am afraid it was a case of scoop them up whilst I saw them as she could not guarantee that they would be able to get another box or two. Although I have asked that if they do would she keep hold of some for me.

8.5kgs later at £1.50 per kg.  The Seville Oranges are now home awaiting my tender administration.  Well its worth it as there is nothing quite like home made Seville Orange Marmalade.  I also have the Vin de Orange to make and maybe some Seville Orange Curd.  Am going to have to have a good rummage now through my recipes. to try and get these processed as soon as I can.  I may end up freezing some if I cannot get them all processed in good time.

I have been on Pinterest again this afternoon squirrelling away links to different recipes and different projects and it has been somewhat of a liberation having a day where I have totally not really done anything although that will be all change for tomorrow.

I was intending just having crumpets and butter for my tea as I was not really hungry.  OH was going to have his with butter, marmite and cheese on but then he had a radical change of plan and decided that he quite fancied a Kentucky so that is what we have had, although I have not eaten much of it.

As I indicated earlier I have ordered some cream calico to make a red embroidered outline Christmas quilt or two.  I have ordered 4 metres of the calico and apparently it is already on its way.  If the calico is of a really good quality I shall order more probably about 6 metres as I want to do a bed quilt in a mixture of patchwork, embroidery and quilted Trapunto panels. I want all the background fabric to be from the same batch to make it look uniform and any spare can be used in other projects.  The quilt is to be worked in cream, pinks and greens and as I did not have much fabric on the green front I have today ordered two metres of a polka dot mint green fabric to use within it.  I will need quite a bit of fabric as my bed is a super king sized bed.  I like doing hand quilting.  I have never quilted on a sewing machine at all but I have done hand quilting.  I find it very soothing to pick up.  I use a large ring tambour in which to mount it whilst working.

I am also contemplating making a couple of hot water bottle covers in crochet.  I do not have a pattern at all but intend using granny squares and a bit of manipulation to make the cover fit.  I need to get some white or cream fleece to make an internal slip for the cover but I can source that once I have the cover/covers made.  I have some pink cream and green wools that I can use for the outer cover.

I also need to make an ironing board cover as mine has gone to the big hunting grounds in the sky.  Its the one the board came with and not really what I quite called solid so I am going to have a bash at making one for this board.  I did the previous board but I have to look out some fabric from the stash first.

I must say that Madam Wind is really howling this evening and her bluster has got even more blustery and we have had some more rain!

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you shortly.



  1. Patty you always have so many craft projects on you are an inspiration. I am getting my floor replaced the week after next so my house is upside down at the moment, but will be spending that week at my mums so hoping to do some sewing and craft projects there. Your quilt sounds like it will be lovely I really like that combination of colours.

    I to have not seen any seville oranges in any of the supermarkets this year as I would have made a batch of marmalade for myself.

  2. Hi Fluffy I come up with ideas when I have other projects on the go, and so I use my blog as an aide memoire to go through when I do have some free time to start a new project. Trouble is if I am not careful I end up starting something when I have a whole host of ufos still to do.I have collected some linen antimacassar/chair back covers primarily for the linen, which I hope to use in the pink cream and green quilt made up with tiny pieces of embroidery and cross stitch, some old lace and new calico and other assorted printed fabrics in my chosen colourway. You can with old linen even if it has been washed use the grid material which when you wet it comes apart (cannot remember its name at the moment) to work the line and put some cross stitch on. I think my kitchen floor will probably get done at the end of the month and need to put in about five new doors as well, but at least OH is getting on with the painting in the craft room/computer room. Because I have had tonight off I shall prepare one batch of the Seville Oranges tomorrow evening when I get in. I hope you get to do the crafting you want to once your floor is down. I take it you and the little ones are not keen on the house being upside down. Just think how lovely it will look when its all done and dusted. Take care and keep safe in this orrible weather.




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