Saturday, 16 April 2016

Comfort Food and Lazy days

Whenever I get in the doldrums (as I did yesterday) I tend to go for comfort food.  Food such as mashed potato, mixed veggies, peas, and sausages in onion gravy or toad in the hole.  Being as it has been wet, grey and miserable here we have had sausages in onion gravy.  I got them reduced and will get two meals out of them.  Its good and heartening to have good simple food on days like this.  The simplicity of the meal speaks for itself.

What we are going to have today though is another question.  Unusually I have not as yet got my head around that one yet.  Probably something simple maybe pilchards in tomato sauce on toast or boiled eggs and bread and butter soldiers!

I have had a bit of a lazy day today but I need to get a wriggle on as I have a lot to do as usual.  I have to clean the kitchen out again as OH has scattered dust to the four winds and all the scrubbing out I did last weekend has all to be done again.  But at least I got my floor done.  I am very grateful for small mercies in that regard.

Because of the weather OH did not go fishing and so I did not get to have my much needed sewing time without interruption.  We share the same room i.e. the computer/craft room but I cannot cope with him interfering as I am doing something as it breaks my concentration then puts me all wrong.  Hopefully  he will go next weekend.  I want to try and start doing one of the patchworks I have in mind.  I also want to start on some embroidery, so I thought I would work on a UFO get it out the way and then maybe do a couple of more before doing something new. 

I am keen to get cracking on the calico panels for the Christmas quilts I have in mind.  I have the embroidery threads, the patterns and the fabric. I only have to source some Christmas fabric and a backing fabric; and I have already been looking for something there. I intend to embroider the panels and then make up the quilts so that I get an efficient use of my time.

I have also been on the internet looking for needlepoint canvas, and linen for making tablecloths etc. from scratch; especially after speaking with my friend Alison during the week who has sourced hers from Ireland.  I love proper linen has a lovely feel to it and it sets off beautiful pieces of china and glass off to perfection.  I have a long and wide table and so want to make a couple of sets of table cloths and knapkins to match to fit the table properly.  It is well over 90 inches in length.

I also have the unfinished embroidery sourced from Ebay to tackle as well.  I have a load of embroidery threads to go through to match up the colours where I can, but those I cannot source from home I will have to buy new but I will try and keep costs to a minimum where I can and utilising the stash I already have to hand.

I normally like to feel the threads and see the colours of both embroidery threads and also needlepoint wools.  John Lewis in town sell the embroidery threads but does anybody know of anyone who sells Madeira, Appletons or DMC wools on line whose charges are reasonable as I am putting together the materials for some more cushion panels that I have the charts for all flowers/roses based.  These will be ideal for working in the coming winter months.

I also have a tablecloth that was embroidered by my Nan and Aunty and given to my mum.  It has a deep hem that has ben hand sewn with a stitch that leaves a gap in the fabric.  I am not sure what stitch has been used but part of the stitching has come away and frayed as per the photos below. 

If anyone can tell me what stitch it is or how to go about repairing it any help would be gratefully received.  I suspect the problem is that the fabric has frayed and that there is not much that can be done.

This particular tablecloth was a big part of mine and my brother's childhood - it was mum's best tea table cloth and the one that was always used for visitors and I would like to restore it if I could.  The cloth itself is not linen but is a mixture of a man made fibre which frays terribly.  Cannot think of the name of it at the moment.  The embroidery is on all four corners of the cloth set at an angle.  I can definitely see my Nan's work here as I have a couple of other pieces which she had embroidered.

Would love to hear from you if you can help.

Catch you later.



P.S.  OH bought in fish and chips - so I did not have to sort out tea after all.  Yummy they were too.



  1. It is called picot edging and was done normally with a sewing machine attachment. It is very pretty. Love fluffy

    1. Hi Fluffy. Thank you for that. I thought it had been hand sewn. I might have to redo the whole of the borders one at a time as the fabric is fraying so badly. I think it is a cotton blend with Viscose which is notorious for fraying. I want to try and restore it if I can. I think it is pretty and have loved it since I was a small child. My Aunty and my Nan did the embroidery between them as a present for my mum when she got engaged to my Dad. So it does have some sentimental value. Thank you once again.




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