Saturday, 23 April 2016

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Well its been a bit fraught this afternoon as OH set to with the Pantry door.  There have been one or two choice words (unrepeatable) especially when he nearly put the door on upside down.  They are four panelled solid knotted pine doors and the deeper part is normally at the top with the smaller bit at the bottom.  Guess who got it the other way round.  Lets just say I raised my eyebrows at this point and sorted him out without being overly critical.  I held my tongue.  Sometimes quietness speaks volumes.

Anyway Pantry door now nicely fitted and fitting snugly.   Sporting new white handles (I have round china knobs on the rest of the doors in the house but the pantry and the understairs door get a lot more use so have gone for white metal ones) they match in well they are white.  The door has just got to be varnished.  Thankfully after me insisting on new hinges we have bought pin ones which mean that we can just remove the doors without removing all the gubbins so they can be removed for varnishing without much fuss.  I have put him in charge of this after he has fitted the understairs/jam cupboard door.  Hopefully that will go much smoother without the choice words  and getting into a taffle.  Fingers crossed and toes plaited.  Then he can varnish the doors outside and leave them to dry so there is no interference from our feline friends who just have to rub themselves either round your legs or the furniture.  Do not want hairy doors!

The sun has been out this afternoon and it has been glorious whilst we have been working on the door outside the back door.  Very pleasant.

Still have not received my china knobs for the kitchen units.  They will come at some point.  At least the kitchen floor is down but we have the dining room to do.  That will probably happen at the end of next month depending on the pennies but it wants doing as it has been down about 25 years and is sadly past its sell by date.

We seem to have been doing lots of little bits in different rooms which all need doing but working this way often means you do not see a finished room.  However everything needs doing that we are dealing with and hopefully it will all come together at the end. 

Now the pantry door is done I think that I will be putting some paint stripper on to clean off the old paint on the architrave, then give it a rub down and then get undercoat and a top coat on and the radiator needs doing as well this is just in the kitchen.  I can then paint the kitchen.  Then we start on the bathroom.  Then the dining room which I am just going to wallpaper in a textured paper and then paint - yellow again I think because it is a cheery warm colour and should look good with the pine dressers.

When we replaced the other doors in the house we gave them a wax coating but this needs stripping off as we go along and the doors sanded, refitted (some have dropped) so that I can get them closed properly and then each one of them will be varnished as well.  We have two main doors at the top of the stairs to replace and a couple of doors like the ones we have done today for my walking in closet in the bedroom and for the cupboard in the computer/craft room then that is all the doors done.  Well that's the plan.  Should tidy everything up a bit.

Right am going to get on.

Have a lovely evening - sort of evening where I want to be in the pub sporting a nice long cold cider - unfortunately I have a date with the housework so that will not be happening tonight.  Maybe another week.

Catch you soon.




  1. We have had a lovely day weather wise we have worked outside together most of the day

    1. That sounds very companionable. I bet you miss him during the week. Weather is freezing here again tonight. Heating on. Wish I had an Aga and a log fire though. Pattypanxx


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