Monday, 4 April 2016

Tonight we have had......

Moules marinaire and very tasty it was too.   Needed some fish as had over balanced on the meat over the past few days.  Bought them 3 packs for £10  from M & S prepared with shallot and garlic.  Served with wholemeal seeded French bread to mop up the juices and it has gone down very well indeed.  a light tea which was very much needed.

I also nipped into Waitrose and from the reduced section managed to get two lemon sole.  Its a long time since I had lemon sole so they are for tomorrow night's tea to be served with home made chips, lemon slices and petit pois and bread and butter - another light tea.  I like fish and seafood its good for my arthritis.

I have also got some beef and red wine stuffed ravioli and goats cheese and onion ravioli served with a rich tomato sauce that should do us for Wednesday night's tea.  Might also serve some steamed kale  with this to lighten it up a bit.  I bought a pot of basil as well to make some fresh pesto any left over can be frozen or use later on.

I have had a busy day.  I have been to see my physio - I have to carry on with the regime I have already started following but I have permission to up the exercises from the weekend to build up those core muscles again.  I have to see her in three weeks and she will determine how I have got on and then after that it will be back class again.  But I have to get my feet sorted and see the GP as she believes that a lot of my problem stem from my bunion joints and there is only so much she can do until I get that sorted.  She seems to think I need surgery for the bunions.  Ouch.

Then on to the Dentist; I met my Dentist for the first time - he is going to try and sort my teeth out.  He was a bit cross as the records had not been updated from when I attended the other week on an emergency basis  - not cross with me but cross with his colleague as he had to charge for today's appointment which could have been incorporated into one longer appointment.  He was also cross as I had been treated with antibiotics for the start of a small abscess but there was no mention of this in the records.  He really needed that information.  He has done another temporary filling to keep me going but the tooth is not viable and so will have to come out.  That will be towards the end of April.  I have been instructed to get hold of some clove oil to bung on the tooth if the filling should come out.  It would seem that the old methods are still the best.

Right upwards and onwards.  Back to work in the morning.

Catch you soon.




  1. Sorry to hear about the toof - I had one out in November as I had a boiled sweet and bit on it by mistake and broke a root off = abscess. I hope you're all sorted out soon. I go back in 3 weeks for 2 fillings.

    Your meals for the week sound tasty. My OH is very fussy so we often eat different things. The ravioli sound lovely.

    Sorry you made need surgery on your bunions but then hopefully you will have less "knock on" problems elsewhere in your body.

    1. Hi BB

      Toof still in situ due for removal on 26 April. Not looking forward to one little bit. Dentists don't like me when it comes to removals as a norm as something usually goes wrong and end up in Hospital - eventually. Last time had to wait 9 months. So not terribly keen on the Dentists. The meat from the Farm has been absolutely delicious and full of flavour. Everything has been very good. The Ravioli were delicious too. Physio cannot do much until I get them sorted so its off to the Doctors sometime during the week. Hope you are okay honey. Take care.



  2. I was only thinking of fish last night I do like a bit of fish will have to look and see whats in the freezer, I hope your filling dosent come out another good thing for toothache is biting a clove of garlic on to the tooth, you can get a tube of gel from the chemist that has a small amount of local anesthetic in it and it numbs the area to give you a bit of rest-bite from the pain.

  3. The Lemon sole were delicious. I eat a lot of fish as it helps with my arthritis. Am particularly fond of Herring Roe on toast. Thanks for the Clove advice. Funnily enough the Dentist said the same thing. He refilled my tooth but gave me same advice just in case it got all tooth hurty again on me. Did not know about the gel from the chemist will have to have a look for that. Hope you are keeping well. Take care. Pattypanxx


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