Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tuesday evening catch up

Its a bit manic around here at present.  This evening on the way home from work we went to stock up on cat food. Then following that little diversion I persuaded OH to go to B  & Q to get the flooring sorted.  That has come home with us and OH is hoping to get it all sorted before he disappears on his fishing trip this weekend.  I have chosen a grey slate laminate which I think will look smart once it I finished.  Hopefully once he has gone fishing I will be able to start concentrating on some of the UFOs I have and possibly some of the new projects as well.  I have a lot of things that I want to get done. 

I went and got stocked up on needlepoint needles, and embroidery needles in diferent sizes at lunch.  I have also purchased some of the red ( a really deep crimson) embroidery cotton for starting the calico embroidered panels for making up into quilts for Christmas intermixed with Christmassy patchwork effect fabrics.  So I am getting little bits together which is always a start. 

I have found that with working full time if I need to do close work like embroidery I need to be in extremely good light and it is no use me struggling of an evening as sometimes despite a proper halogen lamp I cannot differentiate between the colours.  I have a lot of cross stitch in the pipeline and also needlepoint panels as well, so I really need to get into a routine with everything so that I can have my downtime.  Another problem I have encountered is that sometimes during the week I do not have much time to actually do anything so this is where a pick up put down craft like crochet sustains the need for doing and making something useful, it grows quickly and is forgiving in the pick up put down stakes where knitting might not be as forgiving.

Tea went down well.  I had a surprise as in each pack of Lemon sole I have bought there were two fillets so the other pack has been popped into the freezer for another day.  They only cost me £1.50 on the reduced counter.  I served them with home made chips, petit pois, lemon slices, onion rings and home made parsley sauce.  It went down very nicely, and despite us being later home was ready reasonably quickly.

Right must get a wriggle on have a lot to do as usual and so little time to do it. 

Catch you all soon.

Nighty night make sure the bed bugs don't bite.



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  1. Yes fish is on the menu this week I took some out of the freezer today


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