Saturday, 2 April 2016

What a difference an hour makes.......

Well it has to me I have been playing catch up most of the week it really knocked me for six.

However it does have its advantages.  This morning we were up early as we planned on visiting the Farm shop again.  It was relatively quiet because we were up early hardly any traffic and best of all the sun has been out all day.  It has been relatively warm but the wind still has a cold chill to it. 

On our trip out today we were accompanied by my step son and his fiancée (they are getting married 1 September 2017) and we went for breakfast at Johnson's Farm.  This was quite a social occasion and then we went shopping in the farm shop. Different things again this week.  I wondered about buying some pigeons to make some pate - am quite partial to pigeon pate but would also like to try them cooked in their own right.  That might be for another week. 

Today I have bought some different green back bacon both short back and streaky and some more different sausages.  OH has bought some more Marmite ones and I have plumped for some black fen ones.  I am slowly working my way around them.  The Marmite ones are quite delicious as were the Cromwell that we had last week.   

I also bought a shoulder of hogget to try which we have never had before.    Another pork pie, haslet, some home cured corned beef (that is tasty), some more rib eye steaks, some bread buns and a bread loaf.  I also bought some beef stock and also a peppercorn sauce to try to go with the steak. As well as a couple of different oils, some creamed horseradish (although I will probably use my home made version in the freezer with the joint for tomorrow) but the new jar will not go to waste as we do use horseradish quite a bit.  We also bought some mini pattypan squash that were stuffed in cream cheese.  OH was quite taken with them. 

I also treated myself to the Trug that I spotted last week which will partner well with a miniature one that I already have for herbs.  Talking of herbs I need to replenish the herb bed.  Will have to go to Waitrose and see what plants they have there at the moment.  Particularly after Chives and Parsley, Sage, Rosemary Thyme, French Tarragon.

On the garden front.  The gentleman I have employed to start the garden will be commencing work on 13 April.  So once I have that all sorted I will have a clean canvas and can start to try and get the garden organised a little bit and get growing with my seeds

Tonight we have marinated lamb steaks that were bought from The Farm last week.  I am serving them simply with new potatoes, peas and some shredded cabbage.  For tomorrow's dinner we have a different joint one which is referred to as "Jacobs ladder" which is the thick end of the rib.  That was bought last week as well. 

So food wise we have some lovely food to look forward to.  However I am going to start to live out of the freezer soon as OH needs the use of the small freezer for bait or at least part of it as he intends to go fishing again shortly so I need to thin that down a bit.

Right upwards and onwards work to do.  I might have an Old Mout Cider later tonight.  I must say its lovely to have lighter nights again.

Catch you soon.




  1. We love Hogget = it is a lot stronger and more gamey than lamb. Far tastier. Sounds like you have lots planned and some great meals lined up too. Have a great weekend.

  2. I cant be doing with clock changes, its one of those things that irritate me, I stick with the old times, except for appointments of course, your purchases sound lovely, we had a shoulder of hogget last week end slow roasted.

  3. Hi BB

    We have heard a lot about it and when we were kids we had mutton but that was a long time ago when we were tiny. Used to be mutton rather than lamb. We are looking forward to it. Think that will be Saturday nights tea before he goes fishing. The Farm Shop has been an absolute find. The meat is so delicious a little dearer but the quality and flavour. You have a good weekend too.



  4. Hi Dawn

    I Like your style. Does it ever get confusing. I would get in a right two and eight. But I don't blame you. Take care.




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