Tuesday, 17 May 2016

"Bubble Poppers"

I kind of rolled it around my tongue a bit when I first heard this expression from a young lady at my local Co-operative shop the other day. I decided I quite liked the expression. It had a certain resonance  a certain je ne sais quoi but I really did not have a clue as to what she was going on about.

It all started when I went round to the Co-op the other evening.  I usually have a chat and a bit of banter with the girls and lads at the shop they all know me and that I am a regular and I am on first name terms with most of them.  Anyways, A seemed a bit subdued and under the weather and asking what was up she came out with "Why do people have to be "Bubble Poppers".  I must have looked a bit bemused; I certainly did not know what she was going on about to start with at least.

It all came down to one problem.  She is very happy go lucky mostly cheerful.  She also tries to do something for herself and decided to deal with her debt problem, her weight problem, and a few other issues to boot.  She was feeling really good about herself and positive, and energised and had lost over a stone, was reducing her debt and was dealing with her issues and felt invigorated and energised as a result.  Her younger sister came to visit and within a short while her sister had put her down and made her feel worthless about what she had achieved in a very short period of time.    In my mind no one has the right to do that at all; but we all know in real life that this happens usually with someone who has "issues" that are nothing to do with you at all.  Its an emotional thing; I also know them as emotional vampires.  They drain the energy from you because of their negativity they are best not to have around and best avoided but that its not always possible and sometimes you have to be kind even if you do not really feel disposed to be so.

Therefore a bubble popper is someone who is jealous, cannot be pleased for you and your successes and makes you feel not so good about yourself and drags you down in the process.  She knew deep in herself that this was her sister foisting her issues on her and that its an emotional thing - her sister feels inadequate at the side of her and does her best to put her down without the slightest excuse.  That is not nice but that is her sister' issue and not hers.  she has enough on her plate without taking responsibility for her sister's issues as well as much as she loves her because she is her sister - as A said it does not mean she has to like her or that she has to be her emotional punching bag when it suits.  However I was taken with the term "Bubble Popper" I think it deserves a place in the English Language.  What do you think?




  1. I like that, I came across a few of them when we were making a lifestyle change and have come across a few bloggers like that, I just brush them off as jealous, lonely people, yes bubble poppers :-)

  2. thought you would. I just don't do negative there is always something that can be done or achieved. It just all comes down to your point of view.

    tricia x


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