Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Confused of Peterborough and Wednesday night tea

Well having Monday afternoon off to go to see the Physiotherapist has severely addled my brain.  At work all day I have thought it was Thursday the day when I meet my friend for lunch.  I therefore turned up to meet her as usual - yes wait for a it a day earlier - no wonder she did not turn up.  It was only in the middle of the afternoon I realised what had happened.  Red faced or what!

Last night we took some chicken breasts out for tea; I was not quite sure what to do with them and when I am undecided like this I let things evolve.  So the first thing I did was have a recce to see what I had fresh (not much some tired spring onions, a red and yellow pepper, some cabbage and onion) and what little bits I had in the freezer (leek, cauliflower, carrot, peas) and some sliced crystallised ginger) and I turned it into home made stir fry, and I also made egg fried rice, noodles and some plain rice to go with it.  We did not have lots on the starch front but a little of each and it went down very well.

I cooked the chicken on the griddle in a little honey and five spice until cooked through and golden and the rest of the ingredients went in in order of priority of time to cook.

very tasty, not a sugar saturated sauce in sight just using what I had to hand and done this way because of OH's Diabetes.  OH was starving and is now stuffed - there's more if he wants it but from what appeared to be hardly nothing has certainly made something substantial and fed us both.  It might not be strictly traditional Chinese but the process works and its lovely in that its a something out of nothing meal - the best type of meal that does not cost an arm and a leg.

Confused and stuffed of Peterborough signing out.

Catch you later.




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