Monday, 23 May 2016

Do men ever look or check things

......or is it just my OH.  We have a right song and dance if he cannot find anything and yet nine times out of ten it is right under his nose - he just does not see it; and talk about GBH of the earholes if he cannot find anything. 

Of late so that I get up with him when he goes to walk the dog I have been washing and drying his work clothing on a Sunday evening  (using the tumbler) and then getting up to press/iron it nice and fresh for a Monday morning (and so it does not attract dog hairs - our Jack Russell and the cats are shedding prolifically at the moment).  However last night I got everything sorted and ready for ironing and then just popped something else into the tumbler to get it dried. 

Because in the past I have asked him to check that his clothing is dry (sometimes it is not) on the way out this morning he automatically did this.  He is learning that is a good thing. He popped the tumbler on calling to me as to what he had done on his way out of the house. I am never good first thing in the morning and you will have to remember that  I was still not firing on all cylinders by this time and was trying to work out why he had put the tumbler on.  I tootled through to collect the ironing which I have indicated was all sorted and ready; picked it up to bring it through and then checked on the tumbler which was drying the new bath mat set which I had washed yesterday.  Anyway it wasn't dry so I popped it back on and then went and ironed his lordships clothing and took it to him. 

I jokingly said did you look at what was in the tumbler before switching it on and he said no - he just knew that I would normally ask him to check and so therefore had done it automatically.  Well I said perhaps it would in future be a good thing to do because if I had forgotten to ask then we might have been in a bit of a pickle.  And then you would have had a lot of explaining to do if you had gone to work in the bath mat set (it is bright turquoise green and sadly even though there are two sets) I do not think that there would have been enough cover for his derriere!

On that note - I will leave you for the day with a picture of my OH wearing the bath mat set flashing his derriere  - oh dear not good!  Almost as good as slippergate! (I hope you have a good giggle).

Catch you later.


  1. It's a male thing. Husband here just the same. They don't actively look for things, they gaze about. They don't seem to be able to focus on what they are actually looking for. The scenario you have described happens time and again in our house, too. But not with turquoise bath mats, you understand!
    I mean, how can they look inside the fridge and say, "where's the bacon?" when it's staring them in the phizzog?
    Margaret P

    1. exactly the same happens here - and I have found out that he just does not multi task.

      It can be oh so frustrating xx

  2. In my world Men can not find the nose on their faces without a mirror, and only then in a good light.

    1. Its pretty general across the board then. It is frustrating though. Hope you are keeping well. tricia xx


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