Monday, 30 May 2016

From this to this in a Day

I thought I had posted this - apologies for the delay but we are slowly getting there. (Please note this post is out of sequence).

We were let down again by the gardener who was chosen because of price and it would seem that his boss realised as soon as he had turned up to do the job that he had quite severely underquoted.  I thought that once you quoted whether that was verbal or writing that was the figure that the work was to be done for.  His lad had quoted me £350 to £375 depending on how many loads to the tip there were. He (his boss however) wanted £780.  Yes I know the gardens a mess certainly the first part so I declined his services, as the only reason we had declined the other lad was on price.  When you do not have much money you try and do as much as you possibly can with it.  I then got back in touch with the lad I had felt okay about and got a £50 discount because I had come back to him.  Bless him he had an appointment first thing but as soon as that was concluded he came straight round and stripped the garden out and removed the rubbish.   This has given us a heads start to really get it tidy.  He had shifted the bulk of it within the day.  I will not be able to get on to it until Sunday next week as we are doing a lot of removals from the house into the storage unit and I am having to sort stuff out the night before for OH to take it straight there from work.

So things are moving and hopefully it will continue to move smoothly along in the right direction.

Fingers crossed and toes plaited.


As it is now.  Ready for a dose of weed killer which I am not happy about using but this has popped up in the past 10 days and is mostly bindweed and the brambles are back.  I am hoping to start chucking out the rubbish at the end of the garden as well tomorrow or at least sorting it ready to go down to the tip.  However that will probably be later on.



  1. That was a lot of money to clear your garden!
    Have you been there only a short time and are clearing up someone else's rubbish, or perhaps you've both not been well enough to do the gardening for a while? But once cleared you should be able to keep it in order.
    Margaret P

  2. I have just read a comment on your previous post and it would appear you are searching for your 'forever' house, so perhaps you have been in your present property for a while and the garden has just become overgrown ...
    But if you get it in order it will surely help sell your property. If your house has 'kerb' appeal, then that will help sell it - a tidy entrance, no dead plants in pots, even washing down the front door helps. But I expect you've done all that already. Just a few pretty plants in pots at the entrance, too, can make a place look cared for.
    It's a lovely day here in Devon - off to grandson's little tea party (at lunch time!) soon - it's his 3rd birthday tomorrow but for a variety of reasons, the tea party is today.
    Margaret P

  3. He's done a brilliant job hasn't he Patty - bet you're dead pleased with that - bindweed is a pain isn't it? I've been chopping it off at the ground for the last 12 years - supposed to weaken it - I think I'm winning with it then the damn thing sprouts up in a different place - I used to do an hour a night in the garden when I was at work - it used to help with the stress and it's amazing how much you can achieve in an hour - you're getting there with your dreams for your garden Patty - well done xxx


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