Sunday, 29 May 2016

Ideas for food to store in the freezer

whilst at the farm yesterday I had a good nosey in the freezers as the food is always good out of there although a tad expensive.  Me being a tight wad as usual decided to write down the list of things I was interested in with a view to re-creating these lovelies at a cheaper price and possibly more for my money in the long run. 

I seem to remember in my youth that there was a very good monthly publication called Home and Reader Freezer Digest that used to give recipes for home saved combinations on fruit and veg including different combinations for stir fry etc.  Oh how I wish we had such a publication now.  Most people have a freezer but are possibly not freezing stuff themselves just using it as a storage facility for already frozen prepared bought items. whereas I have always seen the freezer as an extension of the pantry - its the way my Nan dealt with things. They had a large smallholding and it was ideal to put the veggies and the meat in (they had their own pigs, chickens and as I have said an extensive garden).

One of the things that took my fancy was a creamy cheese potato gratin which is a relatively easy dish to make in the first place.  However from what I could see the portions were the size of a small muffin pan however each individual portion was pricey. Well I thought to myself I have the muffin pans and this would be one more thing for me to actually produce myself and would certainly come in handy during the week when time is at a premium.  So I am going to play a little.

Yorkshire puddings - if you make too many - freeze them.  This is something that my mum used to do.

Hash browns  - yet again relatively easy to make.

Salmon en-croute a good one to make when a salmon is on offer, as well as making pate and cured salmon.

Roasted Onion, sweet chilli and goats cheese tarts.  Yet again I have a pie machine or could just make individual ones in a large Yorkshire pie tin.

Mushroom risotto.

chicken en croute

Tuscan roasting veg which consists of baby onions, carrots, courgettes baby tomatoes.

Chinese stir fry, peppers, sugar snap peas, baby corn, water chestnuts and onion.

Farmhouse veg, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, cut beans.

Peas, bean and asparagus mixture.

Parmentier potatoes.

Mixed summer berries always useful as can go into all sorts of dishes.

So the mind is in overdrive and I have to use up some of the contents of the freezers before I can start to re-stock but some good ideas just to vary the diet a little bit.

Right better get a wriggle on.

Catch you later.



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