Thursday, 26 May 2016

Tonights offerings

I wanted something quick and easy for tea tonight as I was absolutely shattered.   I have had a really busy week work wise and as I do not get in at night until about 6:30pm and then have to start cooking it kind of has a knock on effect and the evening has gone before you know it.  Last night I went shopping in the freezer and  I liberated a small pack of beef mince, a pot of fresh pasta sauce (basil and tomato).  I then fried some onion and then added a little garlic, then the mince and then the fresh pasta sauce and I also had a jar of Arabiatta sauce and mixed them together with some extra seasonings.  The sauce was a little thick so I added a small amount of water just to free it up a bit and its come up very tasty.  I also added some fresh Oregano from my herb garden which really lifted the whole dish.  I love fresh herbs.  I served with some Fiorelli pasta (from M & S and bought when it was on offer) and some grated cheese and it has gone down an absolute treat.  I am now utterly and completely stuffed. 

Because of the way I shop and stock pile food ingredients its good that when we get to the end of the month we may not have many pennies left in the purse but we always manage to get a good meal.  I suppose my Pantry is my safety net so when I can I do tend to spend on good ingredients usually when they are on offer.  We have the roof over our heads, and food in our stomachs, and heat - anything else is a bonus. 

However using the combination of the pantry, the freezers, fresh items and dried goods we do not do too badly.  Unfortunately I was that hungry tonight I forgot about taking photos so I shall leave it to your imaginations.  However I do like playing with just a few ingredients and coming up with something from scratch am in my element when I can play.

OH is not too well  - I don't think the switch in temperatures is doing anyone any good and I think he may be starting with a cold.  He is flat out at the moment with his companion (Missy the Jack Russell) snuggled up next to him so I shall leave them to it.

There is a little sauce left so that can go into the fridge for later. Waste not want not and all that jazz - that will soon get used up.

Right need to get a wriggle on.  Have done the watering up for the evening as well.

Catch you later.




  1. I have a very simple quick dinner I nipped out picked some asparagus and had it with boiled eggs, followed by a tin of manderine oranges that I found in the cupboard although I didnt get in to eat until 9-30 so it had to be quick

    1. Hi Dawn I love asparagus and it sounds lovely. I am partial to mandarin oranges too. I have a recipe to try out this weekend using them so will probably post it up. Hope you are keeping well. Oh by the way Wilkinsons have their own version of the Kilner Jar in the shape of a Bee skep drinks dispenser with matching glasses/kilner styledrinking jars. The dispensers and glasses also come in pink blue and green as well as plain at £10 for the dispenser. Just thought I would mention. I have a plain glass one lurking under my desk at work. OH is not into the practicalities of jars etc so I am usually discreet about bringing them into the house when he is not about. I shall never go to heaven.

      Pattypan xx


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