Monday, 2 May 2016

Visit to Arthur Findlay College in Stansted

I have had a lovely day with my girlfriends down at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted a beautiful old Hall whose ambience is so peaceful and it is always a real treat to go and spend some time there.  It is truly lovely. It is their open week this week; it nearly always falls near my birthday which is tomorrow so it has been very much a pleasing treat for me to be able to spend some time there with good company.

Want to see where I have been follow the link here:

There is also a potted history of the hall on this site as well.

We attended a lecture by Minister Colin Bates, an old friend of the Psychic and Spiritual Fellowship here in Peterborough together with Psychic Artist Jan Marshall and I must say the pictures she produced were absolutely magnificent.  Turning a plain sheet of paper into the image of a loved one using pastels her hands and a wet wipe and working in unison with Colin to give the sitter the best evidence they could.  It was a pleasure to watch.

We then tried to get into another couple of demonstrations with the well known Mavis Pattila and Paul Jacobs but there were a lot of people there today and some of the events unusually we could not get in on.

However I got in to see Trance Medium Vice President Judith Seaman with her Guide Jackson who reliably informed us lived over 200 years ago.  There was also a question and answer session between members of the public and Jackson.  Truly entertaining and exceptional mediumship as usual from Judith giving 110% as always.

We then managed to get into another demonstration this time with John Johnson and  Jackie Wright who gave a lively and entertaining demonstration of mediumship proving life after passing to those recipients within the Hall.

I also had some healing in the Pioneer Centre; unusually although I give Reiki I do not always seek it out myself but I am glad I did today.  I was in the safe hands of Tim who gave some spiritual healing and I must say having gone in with a bad back and a lot of discomfort I have come away with the pain gone.  It was a pleasurable experience.  As a result I am now extremely sleepy as the healing has gone to where it was needed most and is a natural reaction of most kinds of alternative healing. I just have to remember to drink a lot of water.  My two partners in crime also partook of the healing and they too were suitably impressed; although one of the girls who has been a regular with me for healing found it strange as she is so used to me "looking after her".  However it did us all good.

A lovely day with lovely company and it kept fine only raining on the way back up the A1 when it pelted it down with rain.

I am now in the throes of getting ready for work tomorrow; another day another dime.

Catch you later.




  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow - have a good day xxx

  2. Hi Trudie

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. Hope you are keeping well too. Pattypanxxxx


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