Monday, 23 May 2016

Well what a kerfuffle

I managed to leave work on time and headed straight for the City Health clinic to see if I could get my foot xrays organised which they subsequently did.  the chap who dealt with them was lovely.  He did warn me though that if I get referred to the foot man at the hospital I would need further specialist xrays these ones were just the basics but were good for showing up arthritis.  My GP is at the moment not choosing to refer me to the foot man at the Hospital saying that my bunions were not  bad enough but they are apparently bad enough to affect my walking.  I am not walking on my right foot at all properly which is causing stress on my lower back and hips.  The physio is adamant that they are impacting on me quite severely and she cannot put the walking side of it right until they are dealt with although I can build up my core muscles in the meantime.  So basically I am between a difference of opinion.  However the Gp did decide to do a foot xray and said would take it from here.  I think he is primarily checking whether or not I have arthritis in my feet which I have and have had since I was little.  However going there first  made me late for my physio appointment as I had to walk to the Hospital which is a good three miles from where I live. I tried to forewarn them that I would be late and got caught up in a telephone queue that took about 40 minutes to get through on and by the time I did I was outside of the Hospital. Anyway she did see me and I have to see her again in another three weeks.  Hopefully things will be a lot clearer then rather than wading through mud.  In all reality I don't want an operation on my feet; but if it means the difference between me being able to walk properly again then due consideration has to be given as my bunions really are painful and from all accounts its a painful procedure.  My arthritis Consultant is adamant that I have to keep going at all costs and if my feet are going to stop me from doing that then I might have to stick my head above the parapet and start shouting.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.

To add insult to injury it hailed down on the way back home and chucked it down I got sodden.   I came in feeling like a drowned rat wet through to my undies.  I have since had a hot drink and have warmed up a tad now thank goodness.  I do not think I will be doing too much this evening I don't think my bunions will cooperate, plus I am still getting aggro from my hip something keeps slipping in my right thigh and when it does its quite painful.  I have just checked my walking app and it appears I have taken 16,875 steps today no wonder I hurt.  I average about 6,000 a day as a rule.  I wondered why it had not shouted at me tonight.  Now I know I have exceeded it!

We have had a nice simple tea tonight; some home made fat chips sprinkled with sea salt.  A lovely dark golden brown, some baked beans a couple of fried eggs and some bread and butter to dip into the runny yolk.  The best bit of the egg in my opinion.

Right I am off to put my feet up.

Catch you soon.




  1. Hope you enjoyed your tea:) Also hope that you can get your feet sorted out quickly especially as they are affecting the rest of your body as well. I'm always really thankful that I don't have any problems with arthritis.

  2. Hi Rowan tea went down well was ravenous = I will not say starving as that is not true. I am hoping my feet get sorted too - the Medics just cannot agree so will see what the GP will do after the xrays I have had and if he is not prepared to do something about it I shall ask for a second opinion. Unfortunately its on at least 3 sides of the family that I know of. I had a bad attack when I was two was paralized from waist down for about 10 days first thing in a morning until me legs warmed up. My poor aunt had to wear a neck brace - I never knew her without it. Its just one of those things but when you know there is something that can be done that's when I shall start shouting the odds. Hope you are okay. Tricia xx


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