Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Honey I am home

Thank goodness.  Its been a really busy day only two of us in when normally there are five.  Never mind these things are sent to try us.  We have not had time to be bored.

As a result I am slightly tired this evening and really did not want to be slaving over a hot stove.  So we have had beefburgers with cheese, fried onion and salad in buns with tomato ketchup for tea. Sorry no photos I ate the evidence and then realised I had not clicked with the camera.  They were good. I cooked the burgers and my onions on my griddle.  It has gone down very nicely - did not want too much.  I have the ingredients for doing the kebabs with a few extra additions mushroom, courgette and pepper and I managed to get my lamb chunks which are ideal for the kebabs. And I managed to remember the bulk of the items from my shopping list - guess who left the list at home.

Its been a glorious day today here even though we had torrential rain from the major storm we had last night.  Its now very muggy.  Its lovely to have the light nights again but I am seriously losing track of time.

I have also managed to get my chives, parsley, basil and some more thyme from Waitrose.  Will probably pop back again on Friday to get a few more bits. Might get a couple of chilli plants.   Some of my seeds are starting to pull through as well.  Need to get some different mints.  A few years ago there was a nice chocolate mint that was available but I have not seen it for a little while.  Has anyone else seen this on their travels.  I am also after a golden variegated sage.  I had one for ages in my herb border but it seems not to have survived the last winter.  It was a really pretty sage.

I have had a delivery today of a parcel which appears to have been chucked over our locked gate (courier).  Needless to say the item that was in there a Royal Winton Country Diary Planter was smashed to pieces.  I have contacted the seller asking them to get on to their courier service to see if they can stop them chucking stuff over the fence just because they do not want to come back.  What happened to care and attention.  Trouble is you have no comeback of breakable items as they refuse to insure them.  Terribly disappointed about this as this particular item I had not come across before.

Right I have some things to do including sorting the kebabs and peppers for tomorrow night.

Catch you soon.




  1. I have a pot of chocolate mint, if you want to email me (address on my blog) with your address I'll send you some.
    What a shame about your pot, the courier should be liable for that as it was sheer carelessness that caused the breakage.

  2. Thank you Rowan I have pmd you, Fortunately a very conscientious seller. I have asked him to contact the Courier and complain and he has reimbursed me which I did not expect. The trouble is a lot of the time they do not want to return so if they think they can get away with things they do. So far I have only had two breakages but this particular one was a Royal Winton Country Diary planter that I had never seen before so was a bit miffed. Never mind. Thank you once again.

    Tricia xx


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