Thursday, 16 June 2016

Kilner Jars and other jars

The following is not a specific advert for a specific company but are purely my own subjective views. 

Kilner jars are some of my favourite preserving jars to use and I get updates from the Kilner website link here:

However I had not appreciated that they had a site on Facebook as well - which is a little different and highlights other things to do with and different recipes.  Lots of them and some lovely ideas for Christmas presents too like Candy Cane Vodka and mulled cider syrup.  You do have to scroll down the list but there is lots to look at.  Despite a later start than I would have liked I am eager to get as much done as I can on the food front and there are lots of ideas here.

Whilst nosying around the other day I also spotted a Rhubarb cordial recipe which I certainly am going to have a play with.  I love Rhubarb.

There is also a Damson Cordial recipe.  Now just have to find a source of Damsons.  I love Damson and orange jam but have not come across any fruit in recent years.  Need to find a source.

And now I have my Bielmier preserver it is making everything a lot easier especially the bulk processing.  I did all 22 bottles of Elderflower Cordial in there.  Only problem is I now have to order more bottles. I have run out. Its at times like this that I do wish I had a bigger pantry but hey at least I have one.  It is going to be ideal for my fruit processing.  It says that you can do soups etc in it  - it has a temperature control and a timer.  However I would say that if you actually want to use it as a cooking vessel for doing stews etc. in you will need to buy a stainless steel one not a plastic one as the element is more exposed in the plastic one and doing stews etc you would not be able to get it clean. So think about what you want to use it for. before buying.  I had not realised from the article I read the difference between the products; that's why I mention it here.  I principally wanted mine for bulk water bath processing.  However I do intend to invest in a stainless steel one at a later date for bulk cooking of individual dishes for the freezer etc.

Another good source at the moment for jars is Wilkinsons.  It seems that of late they have been having special offers on with two different sized jam jars with 12 jars in each for £5.  These jars are what the strawberry jam went into and I must say that I am quite pleased with them and shall try and get another couple of packs in store to use as I still have curds, marmalades, blackcurrant jam etc. to make.  Must get both jam machines on the go.

Right I had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you later.



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