Monday, 13 June 2016

Raining cats and dogs and finishing off Strawberry Jam and Elderflower Cordial

We had torrential rain last evening the heavens opened up and chucked it down.  Mind you it has cooled everything down a tad so there are benefits in kind.

Meanwhile at the OK corral I was getting down to the business of preparing the elderflowers.  I was always taught that you need as little stalk in the brew as possible as this makes it more bitter and can cause problems particularly when making Elderflower Champagne when you are in effect relying on the wild yeast in the flowers to create the fizz.  So when I am preparing Elderflowers I use a fork to get the tiny petals off the stalk.  It is time consuming and you have to keep at it but I think that little extra bit of care and attention actually helps at the end of the day so when I am preparing Elderflowers no matter what the recipe this is how I prepare them.  I prepare their fruit and counterpart the Elderberry in exactly the same way although it is a bit messier from the juice of their vibrant berries.  In the end I managed to get two batches prepared. The "brew" is stood in large bowls downstairs firmly wrapped with cling film.  I will add citric acid and strain this evening. Hopefully there will be a couple of more batches prepared later on - if it is dry.  I also want to start some Elderflower Champagne off.  I would also like to dry some Elderflowers so that I can use for lightning my hair naturally and also for making Elderflower wine from the dried petals during the winter months when potentially there is a little more time. (I say potentially in my case as it does not always work like that) If you do not have the bare resources you cannot do it.

With regard to the Strawberry Jam I managed 6 small jars in my jam pan, but that is another useful ingredient for "The Putdown" which is part and parcel of my Pantry store.

So that's a couple of useful bits and bobs off the list.  I have Elderflower Liqueur to make and maybe some Elderflower and Lemon curd.

I am only working part of the day today as I have to go to the Physio again but at least this time round I can let her know that the Doctor has referred me.  I shall take my wicker basket with me for collecting bits and bobs like fir cones on the way back home.

Right must get a wriggle on.

Catch you later.



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