Friday, 24 June 2016

Thursday Night Catchup

Its been a busy old week and I had hoped to get a post popped up that I prepared the other day but in the greater plan of things real life has reared its head and I have had to deal with other things.  I have since popped this post up entitled "Mulled Pears".

Its rained on and off all day yesterday and we had a lightening strike in the office  - which fortunately I did not see but it upskittled a colleagues computer but then she was sat by the window.

We also had a disappointing tea last night.  A little while ago I bought some breaded cod goujons.  I had never had them before but thought that they might make a meal and I popped them in the freezer. As I am currently working through the freezers for meals so that I can restock again come the autumn this was a meal that came out of the store. Never again.  The chips I did were lovely but I do not think I am ever going to buy fish prepared this way again.  If we have it I shall buy fresh and do it myself in batter rather than crumbs.  Should have listened to my inner voice.  The fish was dry - I am funny about fish at the best of times preferring it fresh to frozen.  However we learn and I shall certainly not be buying them again.  Which is a pity as I was hungry and I had been looking forward to my tea.  Its always the way.

With me working the extra half hour a day it is impacting on how quickly we get our tea so I am going to have to sort out some new strategies for getting things sorted and in place before the winter months hit us again.  I need to get to grips with the timer on the oven and also sort out some more recipes for the crock pot/slow cooker.  Ones that I can prepare the night before and just leave. 

I also need to organise the pantry again it has got into a bit of a state. 

We will get there eventually.

Catch you soon.


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