Saturday, 4 June 2016

Topsy Turvy

I am fast coming to the conclusion that I am a creature of habit and it kinda throws me if something is out of place.  Today we have been to mum's to try and sort the garden out a bit more and recover the bits and bobs that we want to keep but instead of meeting first thing like we normally do it was 12 noon before we met and since then the afternoon has got away with me so much so I did not know what the time was.  It has also been a relatively nice day with sunshine which was welcome balm after a very wet week.

We have been hard at it most of the afternoon interrupted by a visit from the proposed purchasers who had come round to measure up.  They seem pleasant people although I understand they do have extensive renovations planned. I did wish them well and expressed the wish that they were as happy under its roof as our family has been over the years.  Its the end of an era the house has belonged to our family for some 46 years so it has been sad - especially for me as I thought today would be the last time I would visit but it would seem that will be next week. So a little emotional especially when the neighbours who we have grown up with and known forever were popping over to have a word with us during the course of the afternoon.  That bought me close to tears during the course of the afternoon but I managed to keep it under control although it was difficult.

When we did get home I went to nip over the veg shop and they were mostly closed up it was then that I realised that it was about 5pm so I shall have to sort veggies out next week.  Oh well at least I got some strawberries from the chap at the layby which are delicious.  We are getting English ones now which are always the best the flavour is so superior.  There is nothing better than English strawberries.

OH is now snoring with his companion Missy they are both out for the count.  I now have to sort some of the plants out and get them where I want them.  The rest of the plants are going to have to come next week.

Right off to potter.  Catch you later.



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