Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Crafty bits and bobs

I try and get the most I can out of anything I do and whatever situation I come across or find myself in.  I walk for England - we used to be entertained by my grandparents and my father it used to get us out of the house into fresh air and give us exercise and it did not cost a thing; only some effort. 

I walk everywhere one as a result of not necessarily having the funds to pay for taxis or buses, two because I like it and it gives me time to put things into perspective  and put my little world to rights and often give myself a good telling off in the process. And it gives me positive me time; three because I have been told I have to keep going no matter what,  That includes on the days when things are not so good and everything is a struggle like today is.  I hurt after yesterday's back class but I hurt before it - now its just a question of being kind to myself and keeping the exercises up.

Please do not think I am moaning per se - that is not the intention I am talking about it because people often do not know what goes on behind the scenes or what is involved - just because you cannot see it does not mean there is a problem.  Most of us put on a brave face as we do not want to inflict our problems/issues on everyone and we just get stuck in and deal with it.   To outsiders we present to as okay and for the best part we are - its just every so often things get a little too much.     

They are not really problems they are issues and have to be dealt with.  My way is not everyone else's way but as long as you find some form of outlet some form of self-expression which also helps to take you out of yourself that is all that matters.  To me this is where my crafting comes in.

I just cannot help myself I think I am spontaneous and compulsive.  On the walk back from the hospital yesterday I found treasure.  Something else for my craft box a whole pile of fir cones in prime condition.  I happened to have a carrier bag with me and so snaffled nearly a bag full of cones.   They will come in useful for decorations, garlands, wreaths, tree decorations and they cost me just a little time collecting them. They are also wonderful burnt on an open fire as you get the beautiful resin scent released a they burn. To me that was a rich reward for the effort involved with the back class and walking home.  Often it is the simplest things in life that set you free.

Earlier in the day at lunch time I had popped into the works (cheapie bookstore in town) and found some autumn leaves made from a fabric but in the most gorgeous colours.  There are 50 leaves to a bag which cost £1. 

One thing I did not know was that they had a website and that they have lots of crafting bits and bobs on there.  Well worth a look I saw some metal dies for my Big shot i.e. label and garland dies at very reasonable prices which will help with the C word and we all need help with that.  You also get a 10% discount if you order online.

I thought I might make a garland and a wreath for the back room for the autumn months and also some candle lamps.  I just loved the colours.

I also know where there are some smaller cones I think they are larch cones (not terribly sure) so will also gather some of those as well. 

I shall also be looking for some twigs in good condition to use in some home made Christmas ornaments later on but first of all you need the "ingredents" or the supplies to hand.  You don't always have to spend pennies or lots of them.  Next it will be the willow wands to weave some wreaths.

Next on the list is to source some cinnamon sticks I have a couple of wreaths that I would like to make utilising these but I will have to locate them online - I do not think they grow in the wilds of England!

Right better get a wriggle on.  Hope you have a lovely day wherever you are.




  1. I found some cinnamon sticks VERY cheaply in an ethnic supermarket [cannot remember if it was in London or back when we lived in Leicester] They are a little more robust than the ones Schwarz sell in overpriced glass jars - probably not as beautifully flavoured for cooking with, but ideal for crafting purposes.
    Have discovered our new corner of Dorset is brilliant for conifers - pines, firs and other trees, producing all different shaped cones. My bike panniers are always useful when I need to pick some up en route!!blessings x

  2. Just saw this and thought of you and your cones


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