Sunday, 3 July 2016


Its been a busy day there is fresh apricot jam on the go in the jam pan at the moment and there is a joint of pork roasting away in the oven with some roasties.  Jam mountain is staring to accumulate, as I have said before I am concentrating on the jam at the moment but will be going on to do bottled fruits as well so that we have the option of different puddings during the winter months.  I have some peach and raspberry to make as well and of course there is the first batch of the Plum Christmas Chutney to make and some Chinese Plum Sauce. I was going to do Plum jam but I am in need of the Plum sauce more. I am working on the most volatile first with the longer keeping items following in the rear.

The sun has been out for the best part which has been nice and meant that I have been able to get the washing on the line.  Always a bonus.  I am hoping to do my potting up a little later on when it cools down a bit. Its been really warm. It has despite my potterings on the preserving front been a quiet weekend which really I needed it to be.  We have chilli for tomorrow night's tea all prepped up so that I can get a wriggle on tomorrow evening.  That is in the slow cooker. I shall serve that in wraps with salad and cheese and then probably have some fresh fruit for pudding I have not managed to get to the ironing yet either.  Will probably start that tomorrow morning.

The street where I live is very cosmopolitan and it is Ramadan at the moment.  Some of the assistants at the Co-op are fasting it must be very difficult to do surrounded by food and drink and you cannot touch anything until after sun down.  He indicated to me that it makes you appreciate what you do have.  And that really does put things in perspective in the greater scheme of things.  And then there's me popping stores up to ensure that there is always something to have as a pudding or a main course.  

Its become a way of life for me I am afraid especially after OH being out of work for a total of 8 years in a total of 28 years.  I also have worked full time and been made redundant three times but have either gone with an Agency or found myself an alternative job.  So when it comes to pre-planning a little I do tend to err on the side of caution.  I do then samme when I am going to decorate a room or have new furnishings I pre-plan and save up and get the chief items first or specific items that I have my eye on and then once everything is assembled I start the renovations.

The jams well they can be used in baking, in puddings, with yogurt, pancakes, scones and cream all of which help pad a meal out. 

Once I have my canner I am looking to pop some meat items up as well. One never knows in this day and age and I have found from past experience when money is scarce there are three things and three things only that are important; a roof over your head; food in your belly and a little heating.  If you have these you are rich indeed and anything else is a bonus. 

Right am off to get my tea.

Catch you later.



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