Monday, 29 August 2016


The first pick there are not many blackberries this year where we walk Missy I am hopeful that OH will take me out next Sunday to an older stomping ground but which is not so easy for me to access unless he takes me and as he is fishing again at the weekend... Nevertheless today I have managed to pick about 1lb.  I have some eating apples and so I thought I would make apple and blackberry jam.  The berries themselves are real wildings very tiny but we have not had the rain just recently on a regular basis so I think the berries and the elderberries have been badly hit.  Not many berries in the bushes at all with either.

Had a lovely walk in the sunshine down by the river.  I went armed with a couple of freezer bags in my pocket especially for the berries and my hands are now stained purple.  Well its a little bit of something extra for the pantry shelf and will be well used with pastry and cakes alike.  hopefully I will be able to source some more soon as we use a lot of blackberries and a lot of fruit generally.  I will be using the simple recipe of 1 kg of fruit to 1kg of sugar so shall weigh the berries and then just make up with the apples.    I prefer Bramleys but around here have not been able to find any recently in the shops. I am hopeful to find more berries in any event as there are several recipes I would like to make for the pantry shelf.

We have a roast chicken cooking in the oven and are just simply going to have it with some bread and butter - finger food for a lazy day.

Hope your day has been a good one.

Take care.



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