Thursday, 4 August 2016

Cherries in brandy

The weather seems to have turned a bit it was very windy last night and does not seem as warm - it feels as though the seasons are subtley changing again and when it gets like this I think of simple things to pop on the pantry shelf for use during the winter months.  I have piccalilli to make yet and a whole host of other things but I like red fruits on the pantry shelf during the winter months.  The colour cheers me up.

Often it is the simplest things that bring the most pleasure. The simplest of ingredients treated in simple ways. These little jars of sumptuousness fit that category.  They are simple to make but are oh so delicious.  Its a slightly different twist on the recipe wherein the cherries are the star not the liqueur from them although that is a bonus.  These again can be used in a Black Forest Gateau home made of course with some of the liqueur dribbled over.

You will need

500g of cherries
150g of vanilla sugar
500 ml of brandy

Extra flavourings
orange zest
vanilla pod split lengthways

Wash the cherries and remove the stems - however leave the stones in as the cherries do not go as soft and you get an almond flavour by leaving the stones in. 

Pop the cherries into either a large or several small sterilised jars then tip in the sugar to macerate the fruit and draw out its juices.  If you use Morello cherries add a little more sugar as they are a more bitter cherry.  If you are adding extra flavourings like orange zest or vanilla pod pop this in with the fruit.  Add the brandy and then pop the lids on.  Shake the jars to help dissolve the sugar every time you pass by. 

Leave for a couple of months then you can start using them.  Would make an ideal hamper present for family or friends come Christmas.

Once a jar is opened keep it in the fridge and use up within a month.  The others should keep relatively well for up to a year in a nice cool place.

Serve with yogurt ice cream, ice cream, plain cream, panacotta, pancakes and some of the syrup.

Catch you a little later.




  1. I made some of this a couple of years ago. It got left in the cupboard by the other half (who I made it for) as he drives a lot. By the time we consumed them the cherries were well infused and the brandy was lovely, sweet, cherry tasting and although I'm not over keen on brandy it had lost that "spirity" edge.

    I made it another time with frozen cherries, although that must have been about twenty years ago now and it was really nice too. I wanted it as a present but was just that bit too late for fresh cherry season.

    1. Hi mumasu delicious are they not lovely in a black forest gateau as well. is it too late this year to make some. Take care and thanks for popping by. pattypan x

  2. I shall refer back to this once I have the vanilla sugar in, thank you!

  3. Hi Tracy that's why I popped the vanilla sugar recipe up your comment made me realise that not everyone knew how to make it. hope you enjoy the playing.




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