Sunday, 14 August 2016

Kitchen notes - Sunday 14 August 2016

I forgot to get something out for tea - so we ended up travelling to the Butchers where I bought a very large joint of silverside.  It will be cut into two or three pieces so that I get my monies worth.  I am hoping for three but it depends on how the joint presents as to whether I get two or three.  That will mean if I get three joints out of that will work out 10 apiece.  This is proper rare breed beef though which is very good at that price.  I have frequently found that if I buy a larger joint and then cut it to suit us as a family we get more meat for our money.  So wherever I can and every so often I save up for a large piece.  I Will process that later on.  Other things to do first.

Cut into three the tiddly bit on the end was had for tonight's tea

Went to TK Max yesterday spotted some soft fizzy drinks in the proper preserving bottles which I can recycle for my home made drinks and cordials. 2.45 per bottle and get something different to drink as well.  Bottles are expensive to buy and I have found this sometimes works out the cheapest way of acquiring extra bottles that can be recycled.  I also bought two bottles of passion fruit sparkling soda from M n S - now this is really nice.  They have several drinks utilising these bottles. 

I also have some beetroot bubbling away ready for pickling - something else purple to stain my hands.  I also have enough to do a beetroot chutney.

Have reduced apricots to use up in some jam and some chutney.

Have sent for a Kefir and Water Kefir crystals - have been using Kefir for my cereal in a morning  its like a tangy yogurt -  meant be good for the auto immune system where my greatest problems lay.  Just waiting for it to arrive.


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