Tuesday, 2 August 2016


There are a lot about again at the moment it would be a pity not to make the most of this most lovely of fruits.  One of my regular makes is Five Spiced Peaches.  They go very well with cold meats and are juicy and they add something special to a cold meat platter.  As do spiced pears.  They add a sweet and sour element to the meal.

The link to the recipe is here:

I do however have other ideas this year as well.  I am going to make some Peach Preserves and Peach Jam both of which I have not made before but that is going to entail a trip to the market with at least a couple of bags.  I may have to do that next week - I am running out of nights here in which to do things and also accomplish other jobs on my never ending list of things to do.

The other recipe which I also make a lot of as it is a lovely sweet chutney is peach and chilli chutney.  It is magic.  Will pop the recipe up later on.

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you later.




  1. I will just confess to eating them fresh! Like the sound of the Peach and Chilli chutney.

  2. BB I will dig out the recipe for the Peach and chilli chutney. It is very much what I call a ladies chutney, nice and sweet, light in colour and light in texture. I have given the odd jar to colleagues at work and they all like it. Will sort it out over the next few days or so. Hope you are keeping well.




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