Saturday, 17 September 2016

That's it street cred in tatters

Apologies for being away - I still owe some posts and will get those sorted as soon as I can.  However I am still not out of the woodwork as on Thursday night a dearly loved Uncle passed over which was unexpected but I will be back up to full strength as soon as I can.

Since I have had problems with my back and my feet I have found it very difficult to carry things at all and as a result have ended up coming back home two or three times to unload and then go back to carry on.  Too much wasted effort there especially when I do not really want to be out for any length of time I just want to get my shopping done.  OH rarely takes me supermarket shopping so this added more stress to the already stressful situation as it often means I have to struggle with bulky items.

Well today problem has been sold.  Let me introduce you to Betsy my new best shopping trolley. 

Deep shame here I am only 57 and to my mind am still only a youngster  - well I still feel young inside but needs must - I just cannot carry anything these days.  And I got her from Argos - yes she cost a pretty penny but hopefully that will be repaid with saving taxi costs. 

Today I walked into town and bought my trolley and then tootled all round town with it bought what I wanted and I was able to walk all the way back pretty easily too. The trolley was very easy to manoeuvre as well.  Now that ladies and gents is what I call a result.  It means I am independent and that I can do what I need to do.  It is going to be very useful for trawling up to the market to get fruit and veg.  Not that I am still young at heart and in mind and actions just the street cred has taken a bit of a battering - so what - I can still do what I need to do.

Catch you soon.




  1. My 10 year old Granddaughter calls mine 'the Grannymobile'.....Mind you, if we go anywhere with it, guess who insists on pushing it - yes my Granddaughter! Xx

  2. nothing wrong with shopping trolly's I have one, no point in your back and shoulders being worn out by carrying bags :-)

  3. I agree :) Sorry to hear of your Uncle.


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