Monday, 17 October 2016

I have a new larder fridge

Sorry its been a while but quite a bit has been going on and I have been juggling too many balls again as usual.  Will try to get back to those who have left me comments over the next few days.  Also looks as if I have some new followers welcome, get yourself a mug of tea and cozy and start to browse there is lots going back over the years of my experiments and play time.


Please note this is not an advertisement as such just something I am completely thrilled with  I have not received any inducements, and this is totally my opinion.  Anyway I digress  - I am of course talking about my new larder fridge.  

This is my new friend which I purchased from ao;

There is also a short video presentation so that you can get a look and a feel for it.  The service as usual has been second to none.  They keep you in the loop all the way through the process.

I really had my eye on much more expensive fridges and in particular I would like an American style fridge freezer that has its own drinks and ice making functions which would really help me when it comes to drinks especially cold ones which I like a lot of but also with my pastry making.  my hands are constantly cold until it comes to making pastry when I can and usually do end up in a sticky mess.

However the one I was interested in cost too many pennies and needed to be plumbed in.  If it was my own house it would be different - you always go the extra mile but I needed something that was reasonable in price and would suit my usage needs. i.e. be very practical about what I needed it for. I have also gone for the metal colour the link above refers to the metal colour but they also do it in white  which is cheaper.  I have also had an eye to the fact that this is not my forever home. This or a couple of these fridges will fit in my plan for a large walk in pantry eventually at my forever home.  Therefore if I have an eye as to what I am trying to achieve everything will slot into place I hope like a jigsaw puzzle.

Now here it is stuffed to the gunnels;

I hasten to add that a lot of this will last the month.

I am also planning for two sheds at the bottom of the garden as I have a big chest and small three quarter sized freezer in the dining room which I propose to move them into the sheds.  I also thought that the fridge I was purchasing could also go down there but I am now considering other options I.e. rejigging the dining room to put my dresser top in the corner near the window and to put my corner pine dresser for the time being into storage then find a small unit to go underneath.

I totally love this new fridge.  A proper cooks fridge. So much so I am considering ordering another as I always have a lot of fresh stuff in which this fridge is holding a proportion of but now I need a fridge for the bits and bobs that I make for the week, my home made delicatessen stuff and holding more raw fruit and veggies. 

In my dining room at present where my dresser top is and the chest freezer underneath I would put both the fridges.  That would make things a little easier in the dining room space wise.

We will have to see that is what I am contemplating at the moment; but plans do change very much a WIP - Work in progress.  We shall have to wait and see what evolves.

Catch you later.




  1. Lovely its almost the same as mine, same colour same layout and space different make, my it is well and truly full :-)

    1. I am very pleased with it so far. Seriously thinking of getting another one as I am keen to make my own pork pies and also have a go at making salami and doing my own gravadlax again as well as doing pate, and cheese etc. Will have to see its very tempting.


  2. Happy New Fridge!!! Lovely and just what you need! It will be put to excellent use, I can tell!

  3. Thank you Tracy -its quite a novelty. my elderly cat is very confused. I still have the old fridge in the pantry and she keeps going to the door for her kitty milk. She does not associate the new fridge with storing her drink. I cannot believe the difference a few days has made and I can find everything I am after. Quite a novelty. I am seriously considering getting another one especially with me wanting to make my own pork pies and also have a go at salami. I did gravadlax the the other year for the first time and it was wonderful. Also did my own bacon. hope you are well.



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