Monday, 31 October 2016

Plans afoot

We have no choice - we need a shed.  I have far too much gardening stuff, and preserving stuff  - all of  which is used regularly so cannot be downsized. 

The dining room currently houses my new fridge, the large chest freezer, the upright freezer which houses OH fishing bait, a large pine dining table, 8 chairs two of which are carvers, two 6 foot pine dressers, a corner pine dresser, a large chest of drawers which houses most of my CD collection, and a pine dresser top.  

I have seen a shed I am interested in an 8ft by 12ft one, but before I purchase this we need to get a slab base down in the back garden.  I am hoping to get that sorted soon.

This is the shed I am currently looking at.

The plan is then to place the chest freezer into the shed with the upright freezer. I will then be able to get my wine chiller and small dehumidifier for experimentation on the Charcuterie front which I am very keen to get started on and which is something I have wanted to get going on for a while.  I was listening to a Jamie and Jimmy cooking programme the other evening and I caught part of a section on home cured charcuterie by Jimmy of Jimmy's farm fame.  Their guest was Kirstie Allsopp.  So I am hoping to catch it again.  What I did see was a simplified version of making your own home cured charcuterie.  I also want to have a go at making salami and the wine chiller together with the dehumidifier is apparently the ideal environment for curing them in.  I want to watch the programme again just to check a few things for my own satisfaction.  Hopefully all of this will happen well before Christmas so that I will be able to get started with the Charcuterie and my Gravadlax as well as experimentation with jerky and biltong.

I have since located the programme and have watched it.  Very interesting and I like the concept as using a wine chiller and dehumidifier for drying the meat means that it will be kept in optimum condition and temperature which is something I have been concerned about.  The link is here for those of you wanting to have a go as well.  OH seems to be interested in this also.

Since doing further research on this I have also found this article by Jamie on how to make your own drying/curing chamber which is similar to the link above.   I post the link on this for reference.

I then intend to get new flooring down in the dining room, and to decorate - needs new wallpapering will probably go for a patterned  Anaglypta type paper one that we can just paint to freshen up. 

All my empty preserving jars and bottles will also be transplanted from under the stairs into the shed as well, which will free up the under stairs area probably to pop my cleaning equipment as well as still use as my jam store.

The new shed might also be an ideal place for my wine making equipment and also the plans to have a go at beer and cider making as well as a place for storing my sack of spuds and my nets of onions.

The plan is then to buy another new fridge the same as I bought the other week as in practice I do use a fridge an awful lot and there are also some long term preserves mostly oil based which can be volatile unless stored in a regularly chilled environment.  OH is particularly keen on sun kissed tomatoes.  The second fridge should give me the capacity to prep up fresh food and be able to store it properly.  In effect it will give me the capacity to store a lot of fresh fruit etc. when on offer until I can process it.  Not to mention that I need the new fridge for my planned attempts at making cheese.

So a lot of plans and hopes afoot.  I just hope that they come to fruition.  It will not be for the lack of trying.

Catch you soon.




  1. Hi Patricia, do you have a dehydrator? Mine has a recipe for making Jerky, by marinating the meat first. Never tried it though.
    If the **** hits the fan, sounds like you will be well prepared, think I'll have to come and live with you lol!

    1. Hi Sandie

      Yes I do have a dehydrator - have not been able to use at present as the place designated for it had to be used for something else. It may end up in the new shed as well but I have plans to try the biltong and jerky as well as save a lot of precious veg scraps etc so there is minimal waste from the pantry. I also intend to experiment with drying salt dough ornaments in it as well. I think we have to take responsibility for bringing our families through and sort of always have an A plan as well as a B plan. My darling father always used to say that if there were any further wars or local food problems the first thing he would do was head to mine as he knew he would be well fed. It became a standing joke between us; he always reckoned I was like my Nan in that respect.

      Hope you are keeping well and thanks for the tip. Take care.


  2. Oh wow, I hope your plans come to fruition soon. It seems to be the time of year that lots of people are planning, I'm excited for you x

    1. Hi Tracy

      I am hoping the plans come to fruition too. It will make my life so much more easier. I am hoping to get done before I have my operation a tall ask but it would be great. If I can get the base put down in the next few weeks think it may be achievable as will have the shed put up for us and then it will be a matter of getting it fitted out and my dining room cleared and then the dining room wallpapered and decorated. A tall ask but you have to aim high.

      Hope you are keeping well. Take care Pattypanxx

  3. Whew!
    Sounds like you are going to be BUSY!

    1. Hi Linda

      Am always busy and it is always the depth that varies. Would like to get sorted if possible before I have my op so that I can hobble around downstairs even if I cannot go upstairs. At the moment things are a bit tight in the dining room. Hope you and yours are well. Take care Pattypanxx

  4. Replies
    1. Probably not but at least its a start and what we can afford at the moment. It should ease up my dining room an awful lot in time for Christmas so that we can have family members over. Take care. Pattypan xx


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