Sunday, 23 October 2016

upside down again

That's the kitchen the dining room the pantry and the hallway.  Why cuz I emptied the pantry out today so oh could commence operation shelving and flooring.  We had some flooring left over from the kitchen so I suggested we might use it in the pantry to make it cleaner and tidier.  So we went and got the shelving for my sweetie jars and I am to get some large boxes to put under the deep shelf tomorrow and then curtain the under section off to hide the boxes which are to store excess items.  once the shelving is done I will paint the pantry out to tidy it up a bit and then I will be able to get my jars altogether and out of the way.  So it really is a major upheaval.

We were going to the tip this afternoon but that has been sidelined for tomorrow night once I have finished work.

We needed to walk Missy in any event so I went armed with my carrier bags and have managed to get my crab apples.  Two large carriers full.  I will go back for some of the rosehips and the larch cones another day.

So its been all systems go here and the evening is not finished yet.  It will stop for Poldark but then will start again.

no peace for the wicked. hope you have had a lovely day wherever you are.  catch you soon.




  1. It sounds like you are getting organized. I made chutney this week, and baked, including some lovely chocolate hob nob biccies as a gift for my friend. We have been so busy though, it's difficult to get organized as you are. How big is your pantry area?

  2. hi bb - its always busy this time of year. hope you have a good visit with your friend Tricia. pantry is a walk in cupboard not really big but enough to do something with. one of the problems I have had is finding stuff when I needed it so hopefully this will make my life a little easier in the long run despite the mess in between. Take care.


  3. I've read back to front so this comment should be on a newer one lol, but you get the idea. I can't wait to see pics after all the hard work. I love pantries!


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