Thursday, 17 November 2016

Achievement - Shed is arriving this Saturday

Well something seems to be going right.  I have had a little bit of a success in getting the shed to be delivered this Saturday so it looks as though it is going to be all systems go one way or another.  Now to get the slabs sorted and the access way sorted.  Looks as though its going to be a couple of busy evenings ahead. 

Once the shed is up and running we can then empty the dining room and get that back into order and then hopefully I can really start getting stuck in on the rest of the house.  Looks as though it will be an early start in any event this coming weekend.  Told you before its just the depth that varies.

Well I cannot complain I am bored can I. There is always something to do and I don't really do bored.  Frustrated yes, need more time yes but never bored.

Then once the shed is up then I can start getting organised to have a go with salami and bacon and my Gravadlax as I plan on having a curing cave in the shed based on a wine chiller and a small dehumidifier.  Well that is the plan at the moment.  Just because I do not have my own land or my forever home yet does not mean to say I cannot practice some of the skills or learn new ones along the way.

Right had better get a wriggle on. 

Catch you Later.




  1. Well done PattyPan - your garden (and all your plans) are really coming together xxx

    1. Hi Trudie once the shed is in - I am going to make OH address the rubbish in the garden from the original shed most of it is rubbish but it needs sorting through. I am hoping for a bright day pretty soon once the shed is sorted so that we can then take what we do not want down to the tip. I am then going to set about the garden big time as I want to grow some bits and bobs next year and bring about a tidier garden. That is the hope and the plan. I have found it easier to make decisions on my own and just get things sorted and then present OH with a fait accompli. Seems to be working well at the moment. Fingers crossed and toes plaited. Hope you are keeping well. Take care Pattypan xx

  2. I love that you are doing all of this, you will be doing more than most who have the land or home you speak of, people often don't seem to make the most of what they have. Well done to you. I don't know where you get your energy from x

  3. Tracy I don't have children at home and much as we love them they do slow proceedings down as the do tend to dawdle when you want them to run. I can pretty well please myself by working late into the evening to get things done - I don't watch much TV these days but every so often have a catch up session if there is something I want to watch. When Poldark was on I sat down and watched that and I sometimes work later into the evening. When you have children though you have to give them, your love and time and attention and everything is relevant at the end of the day its just that your priorities change. Sometimes I have to down tools to do something just to get it done. I do not always have the energy because of my medical conditions but if I am not good I sit and chill until I feel a bit more with it and then start again. Its just a different way of dealing and approaching things. Take care and enjoy the time with the littlies xx


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