Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Catch Up

Well the shed saga continues.  I have been on email on and off most of the day.  And I have purchased it now and hopefully it will be delivered soon.  I have asked for confirmation when. I am hoping this Saturday but that might be a tad over-optimistic. 

However it will certainly help me tidy the back room up and then we should be able to move again in there and I should be able to get sorted with all my jars, bottles etc.  I am hoping to get them all into the stone shed so that I can clear the under stairs for dual purpose for my jam store which it partially is now but also to get my cleaning equipment put away properly and also storing some of the Christmas food away plus the dog and cat food.  Well that is the plan but actually getting it to work may be a different story altogether. 

Now the work starts and we have to get the slab base down so that OH can get the shed up and then we can get electrics in and strip light in. and the shed painted.  I quite like the idea of a sage green to colour it.  Once the shed is all sorted.  I can then tackle the dining room.  I have from the evening of 29 November off until 6 December.  So I am hoping to get the last minute things done then.  Including putting the Christmas decorations up.  I really must get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



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  1. I seem to be constantly rearranging storage. I am working hard to resist buying a load of preserving kit, I am so glad that you can not buy the pressure canners in the UK otherwise I would need an extension on the kitchen.


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