Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Change of Plan

Had a hectic day at work today - first day back but thankfully it is only a short one.  Seems to have dragged a bit despite the fact that we have been really busy.  We were a couple of staff down today.

I had planned on doing the crab apple jelly and a batch of chutney but changed my mind as the ironing pile was grinning at me.  What with all the cleaning I have ended up with stacks to do which includes the household linen etc.  Managed three bin liners this evening and everything is now neatly pressed and airing on coat hangers. I still have a fair bit to go but hey I will get there and once its out the way that will be another good job dealt with.  Its just when you are tired everything seems overwhelming.  I hate ironing but I always make sure that I do it properly.  I see it as a discipline.  However whenever I iron I seem to attract company the cats try and sit on the ironing board whilst I am in the process of ironing.  They just want to be with mum.

Mum always insisted that the clothes were aired she reckoned it was the only way to stop getting a chill and becoming poorly by making sure that everything was dry and smelt good and clean that lovely fresh smell you get from clean laundry.  Never mind will get to it by the weekend.  The ironing needs doing so that the bathroom can be stripped out.  I might even paint in there too. However the bathroom needs a little more patching up than the kitchen.   

I am out tomorrow evening and so shall probably do an hour or two of ironing when I get in.  I really want to get back into my routine of ironing once a week and getting everything packed back into the wardrobes and the hanging rails.  I also have to sort out clothes that I no longer need and send them round to the charity shop.  Some of them are far too big now.

However despite the enormity of what I have to do I am intent on getting as much done as I possibly can.  If I can get the shed sorted and the base now that really would help me in the dining room and I can get some of the other items organised for experimentation with the charcuterie and biltong/jerky etc.  I have a clear idea of what I need to do.  Hopefully we will be able to get the slabs sorted out this weekend and then it will just be a matter of laying them for the base of the shed to go on and to create a small patio area.

OH is not fishing this weekend as the car has to go into the garage for an MOT and service.  Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



  1. You are so focussed, it's great. I hate ironing! I take my hat of to you. Well done on getting through so much so quickly.

  2. Hi Tracy

    I am having to do things in bite sized chunks at the moment otherwise I am getting overwhelmed. I do try and concentrate and be really focused but sometimes it just does not happen. I keep trying though. Take care pattypanxx


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