Thursday, 17 November 2016

Cinnamon Sticks and Candles

I just love candle light through the year but I think it is even more atmospheric come Christmas.

A Couple of years ago I made some Christmas candle decorations which involved making an outer container in effect made of Cinnamon sticks.  However the sticks were not really long enough but I made the best of what I had but I had always promised myself that I would when I had the opportunity buy some new Cinnamon sticks and have another go.  The original design I did was graduated lengths around a very tall candle and the prices vary considerably for cinnamon sticks I happen to think this link is one of the better buys.

I must stress these are not my photos but the designs are simple and beautiful and I have shared them to show you the sort of thing I am thinking about doing.  I obtained the photos by just typing in Cinnamon candles and these came up.  However Credit must be given as these are not my photos.

The other day I did just that - I went mooching round Ebay pricing up the different products and eventually settled on this one

A one Kilo bag of long Cinnamon sticks.  I must say I am very pleased with them. £9.99 for the kg.

Now I need to get some smaller ones for wreaths and garlands and then I can have another play.

I did manage to pick up a pack of medium sized church candles 4 for £9.99 the other week so when I get a minute I will have a play and then pop the photos up on this post in order to keep everything together.  I love the smell of spices, vanilla candles, a burning log fire with some fir cones on you get the wonderful scent of the sap as it is released by the heat.  As I have said before you can create your own magic happiness and memories.  Happiness can be fleeting and that is why it is oh so very important to embrace it while you can and to enjoy and live in the moment.

Take care.

Catch you soon.




  1. Loved all of the cinnamon candle ideas.. You are so right about enjoying the moments... Life is what you make it... xo

    1. Hi Faye, I first saw the candle idea in a book that I have had for a little while and it was always on my list to have a go at. I did do a couple of them but the cats managed to knock both of them off their shelf and broke the cinnamon sticks so it was easier to start again with the right sized sticks this time round. I have always been brought up with the mentality that if you did not have the money to buy something that you liked you did the next best thing and had a go yourself as it often worked out far cheaper to do things this way. Life is not a rehearsal and a lot of the time it is a deep learning curve its just the degree that varies. Take care sweetheart and hope you are okay. Pattypanxx


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