Tuesday, 15 November 2016

I never knew ordering a shed could be such a problem

Maybe its just me  - I attract chaos of one sort or another!  Well I told you it was just the depth that varied.  You would have thought that ordering a shed would be quite a straightforward business.  I just need a shed in which to store excess items and make a workable work room for doing up some projects and for doing my potting on of plants in the summer. As well as storing the freezers, a curing chamber and a wine chiller.  Simples or not as the case did not turn out to be.  I think its me that is the rogue element here.

However is it just me being simplistic but I want four walls and a roof with a couple of windows in.  How complicated is that.  It is going to have my freezers in so we are going to put a slab base down so that it is nice and even and firm.  But all the firms want to offer you this whether you want a different finish, whether you want it installing etc.etc. etc.  Then the delivery service on most of them dumps them in the front garden but will not leave it round the back and so on and so on. That is not safe around here as if you leave anything in the front garden it grows feet and walks rapidly even old things that have bust. In the end before I have even placed an order I have sent an email wanting some answers to my questions as I am not prepared to spend a lot of money until I know what I am dealing with .  I need the shed to sort out the dining room.  Hopefully it will get resolved soon.  It did not help that I forgot the name of the company I was looking at originally, but I seem to have found a better offer with a bigger shed for similar money.  So we shall see what we shall see.  Hopefully things become untaffled soon and I am in possession of a shed.  I need to get the shed in situ so that the dining room can be sorted out.  Hopefully I will get a response today.

Catch you soon.




  1. the bases are needed to square the shed off and stop the walls kicking out, unfortunatly unless you can be there to direct the delivery man it will be unloaded at the front of the address, I have a problem with deliveries because we are on a shale drive and they cant unload with there trolly jacks.

  2. It sounds like you are having a frustrated time, but I hope you got answers to your emails and that a shed will soon be delivered to your BACK GARDEN!


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