Saturday, 5 November 2016

In like a Lion

Winter seems to have arrived with a  passion and its treacherously bitterly cold and a shock especially after the mildness of the autumn months.  Fortunately I managed to get a bit of a lay in this morning which was very welcome.

We went to Johnsons the  Butchers at Old Hurst to stock up on a few things primarily in the meat department but also some other odds and ends.  Whilst there we bought some Cornish pasties -they were still warm and very welcome especially on such a bitter day and the flavour was to die for.  Some of the best Cornish pasties we have had in a long while.

Including some belly pork slices for tea one night and also some to be used in home made pate for Christmas.  I am starting to collate my ingredients together so that I can potentially get everything sorted before my surgery on 13 December.

They also had two new varieties to us at least of sausages so we have come away with four of each of these to try them.  The varieties are Pork and Pigeon and  Gamekeeper Wife sausages.

1kg of green back bacon and Lincolnshire chipolatas, 2 chicken dinners which are basically chicken breasts stuffed with sausage and sausage meat and then strung and some beef skirt to make my own pasties.   We have not gone too over the top.   We had gone today to see if they were doing Turkeys for Christmas dinner but the order book is not open until next week so we may pop back then.

Since coming back I have been to the veg shop and the Co-Op and stocked up on a few more fresh ingredients.   I still have a bit of a sort out to do to get everything put away including sorting out the fridge.

I have not got to the chutney yet that is for tomorrow.   After we have been to Aldi and maybe Lidl.  We have a piece of roast pork for dinner tomorrow which I am looking forward to.   Pork is a big favourite round here with home made apple sauce.

I have started off the crab apple jelly though so I should be able to finish that off tomorrow evening and make some apple cheese as well.  We love crab apple jelly with roast pork or spread on toast.   I also make a spiced version which is delicious as well.

We have had a late supper a fry up consisting of mini chestnut mushrooms, fried egg, baked beans, chipolata sausages, green back bacon, which has gone down very nicely. 

Now need to get a wriggle on and do a little more tidying up.

Catch you soon.




  1. I've never heard of green back bacon. You're sounding very organised. Sounds delicious.

  2. We think it is delicious. It is usually a dry cured bacon that is not smoked. Because it is dry cured you do not get the white liquid off it when you cook it. We first came across it down in Cornwall from a local butchers down there and have recently located it at Johnsons farm who produce their own. We love it. It cooks well in the pan and does not taste to me as salty as some of the more commercial bacons. If you can source it, it is well worth buying. Probably more from an Artisan style butcher. I was always taught by my mum that the long back bacon was produced from the collar of the animal and that you could have short back which is the meatier part of the bacon alone or long back which also has the streakier part on. We also love streaky bacon and they also do that at the farm we go to as green back bacon but today they did not have any. Tricia xx


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