Sunday, 13 November 2016

Recent Purchases and Recent Finds

I have been buying the odd thing here and there just recently over the past couple of months or so  and they consist of:

From the Charity Shop

A vintage toast rack and jam dish with both dishes intact.

Some egg coddlers

Another Punch bowl

An embroidered tea tray

A green glass jug which will go with one I already have  - need to source some more tumblers for this though.

A beehive Cheese dome and platter in the shape of a bee skep.

Bought items

Two silver and two red star tealight holders which I obtained from Wilkinsons.

A cake tray from Lakeland to create an individual Christmas tree cake.

Pans for pies, a bacon and egg pie mould, a large oval pie mould and I also have the individual pie mould tin as well.  After the Pork Pie making class I invested in the shaped pans as this is something I am going to continue with.

A fancy cake pan from TK Maxx.  Normally these pans cost upwards of £15 however this one I nabbed as it cost only £4.99

Years ago Lakeland used to sell and Orange and a Lemon spray for cleaning and polishing the furniture.  They also did an almond one which was lovely.  Then stopped doing this.  As a lot of my furniture is solid pine when they stopped doing it I ended up using a spray one from Wilkinsons which has proper beeswax in it and which is excellent.  But every so often the furniture really needs a good going over and I have this lemon one and also an orange one.  Both bottles I have found at TK Maxx and so it is a case of nabbing theme whilst you can when you see them.

These are the Quattro Stagionni jars that I get from TK Maxx.  They have a solid lid.  However you can use the Kilner replacement seals and lids on these jars.  I have done so successfully for the past few years.  However these jars in this packaging are a good way of buying preserving/bottling jars.  Works out cheaper here for me.  (sorry just realised the photo is upside down).  I bought two boxes of these for under £10 so I have eight of these jars.

My Rudolph Nutcracker.

My New Tablecloth for the Christmas table.

A Heart shaped twig and silver birch decorated wreath from TK Maxx £7.99.

A natural wreath which I can add bits of greenery to or use as a centrepiece. Yet again £7.99 TK Maxx

The little tiny log tealight candle holders in three graduated sizes that I got new off Ebay.  They were smaller than I anticipated but I am pleased with them.  They should look lovely and Christmassy with some tea lights in them.

Some Angel Cookie Cutters  - again from TK Maxx.

The top picture below shows a pan which I purchased from Lakeland for cooking pies in and making sure you get a crisp bottom.  It was the first one I came across and so I purchased it. It cost me over £10.  The second picture shows the one I bought from Wilkinsons a good couple of pounds cheaper.  However to all intents and purposes they would appear to be the same pan.  Although I will test them one against the other and see if there is any difference.

Some yellow plastic cookie cutters.

A bunch of cookie cutters, including stars, Christmas tree, Santa's head and Reindeer head which I got from the Farm.

For use with the pie tins a pie funnel

Spiral and Star dough cutters to give a different look to Christmas buns and breads.  Sticky buns.

My Pie Dolly for making the pork pies.

Some fondant icing rolling pins in different patterns. These came from Tiger.

The Cake Pan that I bought from Aldi last weekend.

So I am lucky to have a few more things to help with the presentation and decoration of food items and things for decorating the house.  Its all in the fine detail.

Catch you soon.




  1. Such fun looking at all of your purchases.. A few things are so different from us here in Canada but interesting.. You do a lot of work getting ready for the season and I find it inspiring to say the least.. I need to get at it.. lol.... xo

  2. Hi Faye I love the getting ready the doing the being involved. My Nan and my mum were always on the go as was my father so I suppose a little bit has rubbed off along the way. Christmas was always made special and was and still is family time. I no longer have my parents with me and my partner does not have his either. We do however have extended family and I have my brother and his family. I love cooking, crafting and creating and although I work full time I do down tools and make time to play. Take care Faye hope you get into the swing of things soon.




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