Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sunday update

Disappointingly we did not get out to do the shed and lay the base because of the weather.  We have the powdered cement base that you put down and then lay the slabs on top and it then sets itself.

Despite indications to the contrary it just did not brighten up and there was a proper  mizzle in the air.  So we stayed in and pottered. 

Evenutally OH did manage to get the slabs into the garden - so everything is to hand ready for us to get stuck in when we can.  Bit disappointed that we have not got further but hey ho these things are sent to try us.

We have however had a very nice tea tonight.  I prepared the roast beef by placing it on a sliced raw onion in the bottom of a roasting pan and then popped a foil lid over the tray and cooked it on Gas mark 4 checked it halfway through and took the foil off and there was a lovely natural gravy in the bottom of the pan which formed the base of the gravy for our meal with the addition of some other bits and bobs.  I served it with shredded cabbage, mixed broccoli, cauli and carrot, mashed potato and peas and lots of gravy.   I must say it was very tasty and went down very well. No Yorkie Puds or roasties for a change.  I am now as they say stuffed!

Its cold and damp out but at least it is warm in the house.

Right must get on and get ready for work tomorrow.

Catch you soon.




  1. I'm just playing catch up Tricia. Glad to hear that you got the right shed and delivery all sorted and happened, and hope that the weather is better next weekend so you can get the slabs down and the shed on top of them. You won't know hourself then!

    I loved the sound of your roast - Keith HATES onions so I can't use them in anything I am cooking for both of us (grrr) - I bet the onion gravy for your roast was divine.

    1. Hi BB; very pleased with the shed but disappointed not to get it up. Going to a Christmas fair this Saturday with my step-son for a little while which I am looking forward to. We need more slabs so no doubt will have to get them at the weekend as well unless OH gets down to the recycling centre before then. They ae closed on a Sunday. I am at home from next Tuesday night for a week which I am looking forward to so I really am hoping to get the shed done and dusted as there at a few other projects I cannot address until it is done which OH does not know about. Then I can really set about the dining room. I am sorry about the onions - I cook a lot with them and last night's tea was delicious I really enjoyed it I think you would have too. OH had the rest in his packup for lunch. So nothing wasted. Take care sweetie and chin up xx

  2. Replies
    1. It was Tracy went down very well. Would not wanted to have dined with the Queen after last night's meal. Hope you are okay. Pattypan xx

  3. Sounds like a delicious meal! We had roast beef today but with carrots and peas and gravy and a salad... Love your posts.. xo


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