Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Sun is out

Thank goodness.  It is still a little chilly but milder than it has been and in the sun its warm.  There is only so much rain you can stand.  We have had the pigeon and pork sausages for breakfast together with bacon.  Really they are far too rich for breakfast and are heavy with sage but would be ideal in a winter casserole or cooked and then a nice gravy made and served with simple mashed potatoes and some carrot or swede.  They are very rich but we shall have them again.  I think this is the best way to cook them as otherwise the flavour will just get lost or be overpowering.

We are not having a joint for dinner today but are having the pork belly strips just cooked until caramelised and nice and crunchy in the oven and then served simply with some veggies.  Sometimes you have to have something different just to pep the taste buds up a little.  To me simple food is the best as it gives the body good fuel and keeps us on the straight and narrow but it can be left to its own devices whilst you get on with something else.

I have a lot to do today as usual but hopefully there will be a small excursion later on to look at some Christmas decorations and to check out a food section of a local Garden Centre.  I like looking around as often it gives me ideas for doing things at home myself.

I have been browsing my blog list this morning and Faye Henry from the Blessed Hearth has had a recent Keepers meeting where the group have made some garlands from their home.  I do think this is a lovely idea not only for adults but for children as well and could be a good way of using up saved Christmas cards and keeping the children entertained in the run up to Christmas.  Faye's blog is so much more than that and she does have some lovely ideas especially on the food side.  here is a link to her blog and the garlands that they have made.  I think they look absolutely charming.  Its surprising what you can do with a little paper and/or some card, glitter, string, a bit of time and lots of love and attention.

The rest of the day is down to the chores - lucky me. 

There are a few things on the cards for the next few days.  I need to locate some jerky/biltong recipes, make some ginger beer, and there are lots of other goodies on the cards too.  I have a recipe somewhere for a spiced plum sorbet which I think will be lovely to have over the Christmas period.  I also need to make some cinnamon ice cream.   So lots to do. 

Catch you later on.




  1. Oh so sweet of you to mention my blog, dear heart.. I actually copied out your last post so that I can read it to get the motivation I feel when I read it.. lol... xo

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Your blog is lovely and you bring old fashioned values, love and common sense to today's busy world as well as lovely food and crafting ideas. Inspiration is such a positive thing and we all have different takes on similar ideas. Take care.




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