Friday, 2 December 2016

Foodie Testing

Whilst shopping in town I nipped into M & S for a few bits and bobs and ended up buying a few bits and bobs that I had not planned on all down to a little tasting demo that M & S had on today.  They had two types of bread a sourdough plain white done in a proper basket and brown wholemeal with walnuts in.  It was just warm not long having been out of the oven and covered with butter and then given some Stilton to have and try with it both breads were delicious as was the Stilton.  I managed to get the last of the Walnut loaves and it was indeed still warm.  Have had some for tea with pork pie and blue Stilton and it was delicious. I must say that the Stilton which was creamy was a perfect match for it. So a very simple tea tonight but one that has left me full.  So I am glad I stopped and tried the tasters for a change - I must say that I am very taken with the Walnut bread.  I might try and make some at home.  It was absolutely delicious.



  1. Patty
    I could be wrong but I think it's next week for your operation? If I am right on the dates then I just wanted to say that I hope it all goes well and to look after yourself and take it easy afterwards take care xxx

  2. Thank you Trudie much appreciated. It is on the 13 December in the afternoon. I have to be at the hospital by 12:30pm - fingers crossed and toes plaited - well maybe not in this case. If this goes okay they will do the other one in due course. Its the needle bit that is giving me the heebie geebies. Take care. Pattypanxx

  3. Walnut bread is something I make regularly here, as my husband loves it. That said - haven't made one in an age (or indeed, made any bread as I have been sidetracked into doing other things.)

    Fingers crossed for your op and hoping you can think of something pleasant to take your mind off the preliminaries . . .


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